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3/4 of people don’t want ‘as many applicants as possible’​

13.07.21 | Candidate Experience, Talent Acquisition

2 weeks ago, I asked people on LinkedIn, “When you’re recruiting do you want as many applicants as possible?” 3,000 people responded and almost ¾ gave a resounding “NO”.

Issue 1: we are obsessed with vacancies and applicants

And because of this, we remain addicted to traditional sources for filling our shortlists. We keep paying over and over for the same people who are on our ATS, CRM, Outlook folders and Excel lists. We need to cut it out. It’s extremely costly and unproductive for our recruiters.

Instead, we have to make our own talent pipelines the number 1 source for shortlists. When we are sourcing from a well nurtured pipeline, recruitment is nearly twice as fast. One RPO told me just last week that they’ve reduced time from submission to offer from 27.5 days to 15.4.

Issue 2: candidate experience

I keep hearing people in recruitment technology companies and consultants say that we want to make it as easy as possible for people to apply because we don’t want the applicant numbers to drop.

My response has always been to request a link between more applicants and more success and I’ve never seen anything; and as my research has shown, the overwhelming majority of people don’t want as many applicants as possible.

Candidate experience should be good, not easy.

When people have had to do zero work to achieve something, the achievement is much less satisfying. We all feel great after a tough workout. This applies equally to candidate experience.

Argument FOR as many applicants as possible:

1)    The technology will filter out those who are unsuitable.

2)    I want good people for other jobs in the future.

OK but what you’re saying is you’re happy to waste people’s time today to build your database for the future. At least be honest and if you want people for a variety of future roles, invite them to apply to your talent pipeline instead.

Originally posted on LinkedIn.  

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