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About Us

Adam Gordon worked in recruitment marketing at Havas and in HR consulting at PwC before founding his own research & sourcing company. Scot McRae trained in marketing at P&G before founding his own marketing automation consultancy, working with many of the UK’s fastest-growing technology companies.

Together they conceptualized Candidate.ID in 2016, launching the product formally in 2017 for Fortune 500 and equivalent employers, RPOs and sophisticated staffing companies globally.


The Team 

The Team

Our vision is a world where daily talent lead gen is accessible to all employers

Our Core Values

  • Connectivity: with our colleagues, customers, investors and partners
  • Curiosity: always looking for better ways, never accepting ‘just because’
  • Focus: right first time and if not, learning from mistakes
  • Innovation: in people, process, service and software
  • Respect: for every person and business we encounter

Build talent pipelines which enable the world's employers to achieve zero time-to-hire.

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