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ADAM GORDON’S Interview on the Recruiting Animal Show

24.06.21 | Talent Acquisition

Adam gives an exclusive Candidate.ID interview on the Recruiting Animal Radio Show.

Our CEO and Co-founder, Adam Gordon, was recently invited on to the interesting, noisy and extremely captivating Recruiting Animal Radio Show. You never know what is going to be said, it’s not scripted and it’s a whole lot of fun. Adam was invited on the show to talk about Candidate.ID, answer on the spot questions, and also to give his rendition of a Simple Minds classic. There was a lot going on and Adam managed to give us some great insights in to Candidate.ID through all the laughs.


The host Animal, along with Jerry and Maureen, led the interesting but also entertaining interview with Adam. They asked some great questions that allowed Adam to share his knowledge on not just Candidate.ID as a platform but on what candidates react to throughout the candidate journey.


The Database

The hosts were interested in knowing how the database was built and how candidates were able to be put on to Candidate.ID in large numbers (11:40).  Adam, who has a strong belief in using the total addressable market, explained how clients are importing their databases to Candidate.ID and touched on his thoughts on including active and passive candidates in the database.


What happens in Candidate.ID

Of course, most of the interview consisted of questions about the platform itself. After much deliberation, there was finally some consensus on what Candidate.ID actually is and that’s a platform, not a community or a CRM. Animal asked Adam, what happens when you’ve got your candidates on to Candidate.ID (18:24) and what happens after you’ve sent out our emails (31:10). Adam touched on the concept of nurturing your candidates and how Candidate.ID can let you know what candidates in pipeline are ‘hire ready.’

Clicks, downloads and points led the conversation about Candidate.ID and Adam allowed viewers to understand how candidates are tracked and analysed to show recruiting teams who to contact. Basically, if you want to know who is hot and hire ready then Candidate.ID is for you.



 Some great questions were asked about the value of using Candidate.ID. After the discussion on what was unique about Candidate.ID from email marketing and CRM’s, it was good for Adam to tell both the hosts and the viewers why it was valuable to them. When asked about the value of paying for this service every month (22:40), Adam addressed the fact that Candidate.ID allows you segment your pipeline and the extent to what you can track an individual. Email marketing and CRM’s let you know when someone has opened an email and clicked a link but Candidate.ID can do so much more than that. Adam demonstrated this in his responses.

The interview only scratched the surface of the topics that Adam and Animal discussed with Adam even being invited back to talk more about his knowledge and views on passive candidates – on which he has strong opinions about. His philosophy, ‘everyone is a candidate until they retire,’ sparked some interest even if his thoughts on the word interview did not!

If you want to listen to some interesting recruitment chat and have some laughs along the way, I would highly recommend listening to the full recording of the show here.

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