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Adevinta using Candidate.ID as their workforce is set to double in size

14.07.21 | News

Adevinta is a global digital marketplace specialist, providing technology-based services to connect buyers and sellers and facilitate transactions, from job offers to real estate, cars, consumer goods and more. Operating in 12 countries across Europe, Latin America and North Africa with more than 1.3 billion visits to the local sites every month.

The potential merger with eBay Classifieds in 2021 would double employee numbers from 3,000 to 6,000 and make the company the dominant global leader in online marketplaces.

Ahead of the merger, and the increased demand for the talent acquisition team to support the business, the priorities are to look at opportunities to create a new recruitment model which will centralise communications and processes, reducing time-to-hire and improving the quality of shortlisted candidates.

Their main focuses are hiring in-demand talent at scale. These are hard to fill roles – specialised, STEM talent, and hard to fill locations. Employer Brand strength and a competitive market for in-demand talent is making attracting these candidates even harder.

With circa 200 new hires planned for 2021, predominantly in tech, they need to ensure they have robust processes in place to create dynamic talent pipelines across primary role types and the ability to communicate easily with their target candidates.

That’s why Adevinta have chosen to use Candidate.ID to improve their recruitment effectiveness, efficiency and speed. The talent acquisition team can set up simple yet sophisticated nurture campaigns and scoring models from the 3.8 sextillion unique combinations of workflows available to them.

They will create email, landing page and form templates within Candidate.ID which will include the Adevinta logo, a banner and allow for automated responses after certain activities. All candidate communications will reflect their brand.

Candidate.ID’s email builder is one of the simplest to use within HR technology and allows for easy formatting to comply with Adevinta’s employer brand as well as the ability to ‘drag and drop’ text boxes, images, social media icons, videos, GIFs and more. The landing page builder is also very simple to use with the ability to easily adapt the design in templates and ‘drag and drop’ text boxes, images, social media icons, videos and more.

They can then automatically score candidates’ actions and therefore pipelines, saving recruiters up to 50% of their time compared to more manual CRM systems.

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