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Are You Continually Sourcing New Candidates?

09.07.21 | Sourcing

“So… I know we have this database of 50,000 people who have expressed an interest in us before. BUT, I’m going to spend today finding 20 new people because they will be better.”

This happens. All the time.

Regardless of how big your database, many recruiters still find themselves sourcing additional candidates for every vacancy they work on. Perhaps thinking that past applications may not be relevant to the current role, have no memory of applying to your company, or are no longer in the market.

ATS functionality can also be a barrier to working through candidate files. With limited search capabilities it can make pinpointing relevant and interested candidates almost impossible.

Many therefore feel that they’ll get a better ROI by doing their own search outside of their ATS.

But how about making your current ATS work for you?

Recruitment marketing automation software allows you to combine powerful segmentation, targeted campaigns and full tracking/scoring functionality. The key features are:

Segmented Pipelines

Create pipelines within your current database to allow you to create targeted campaigns which are completely useful and relevant to each specific audience. Strategic segmentation is important here and the more specific you are, the more relevant the message is, and it will resonate with your target audience. For example, you can focus on the stage of the recruitment journey the candidate is at, their response to a particular campaign, their preference of how they will receive their communications, whether that be email or SMS and indeed the geographic focus of their search.

Email tracking and scoring

Send regular communications through marketing automation software in the form of email newsletters, text messages or communications on social media. Every click on your message, landing pages, your careers site and beyond should be automatically monitored and allocated engagement points. This scoring lets you always know which people are likely to be interested in your current vacancies.


The more automated the process is, the more time it will save you allowing you to reach out to more and more candidates. Firstly, this relates to the setting up of the campaigns, basing next steps on the responses received. Secondly, the ability to automatically monitor and score candidate’s interactions with your communications and filter by engagement scores, reducing the time to shortlist.

A combination of the above activity eliminates those candidates who are not interested as well as the constant recruiter addiction of looking for new candidates. Ultimately it will enable you to manage a robust and dynamic talent pool, identifying those candidates which are hire-ready.

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