BREAKING THE MOULD: 2019 is Recruitment’s Most Exciting Year

Steve Ward

Customer Solutions Director, Candidate.ID

Aside from the fact 2019 is exciting for me personally; as I begin my new role as Customer Solutions Director at Candidate.ID; the bigger picture paints a really positive agenda.

It’s good to get off LinkedIn sometimes. Recruitment is a negative subject on LinkedIn. The sniping from all directions, from candidates, serial job seekers, disgruntled In-house recruiters and more distressingly, within the ranks of our own; recruiters, consultants, ‘analysts’ and suppliers – would suggest the industry is broken, the expertise is absent and that nobody ever did a cool thing in the industry, ever.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the real world in the past 2 or 3 years. My own development into more of a versatile operator across agency, In-house, RPO and Tech means the opportunity to sit on all corners of the playing field; and globally too. I’ve also spent a lot of time listening. Taking in stories, and gathering bites for my focus on #PositiveRecruitment from here forward.

The language has shifted, and the tone is progressive.

– Less ‘them and us’ conversations between agencies and Inhouse, and more talk of collaboration and mutual recognition.
– Less dissatisfaction with technology and more understanding of the right choices to enhance recruiters operational capability.
– Greater understanding of the outcomes of positive candidate experience and engagement.

Within those three things, is the agenda to create a better recruiter experience too. My feeling is that we’d all be sniping fellow recruiters less if we had confidence in the right ways to move forward. The conference circuit, for example, is riddled with tweetable headlines of “what you shouldn’t do…”, or “10 reasons why recruiters suck at…”, or “Recruiters need to be better at…”.

Like the media agenda, bad news turns heads. But where does it get us?

When Candidate.ID CEO Adam Gordon presented the product to a Recruitment leader in the US recently, the response to the conversation was “You’re not selling me a piece of software Adam, you are showing me a better way of working”.

This is game-changing. On two counts.

One, technology has reached this far. It’s not about one-dimensional systems of record, simple technology that gathers data en masse. It’s technology with a pulse, that brings candidate engagement to life in real time, and feeds intelligence to recruiters to know what actions to take, when, and with less dependency on cold actions and plain job advertising.

Two, the recognition that there is a better way. We all know that a cornerstone of good recruitment leadership is the ambition to improve operational performance and create a positive recruiter experience, by giving them all the tools to succeed. Less digging heels in the sand, more seeking the adventure presented by opportunity to evolve and move with the times; most crucially in line with candidate behaviours.

I now represent just one of those pieces of technology that is changing the game as we know it, and please do contact me to find out more and have a look at what it can do. But the tech landscape is exciting now, as there are other pieces of technology that are enhancing that experience at all stages of the Candidate engagement journey. Pertinently, they allow the recruiters – the humans in the process – to excel at the things we are great at; by redeploying and automating the things we are typically poor at, due to lack of time and focus. Sourcing efficiency, CRM upkeep and comms, email marketing and targeted marketing. All elements that involve volume, and hence boredom and inefficiency.

So let’s focus on #PositiveRecruitment more in 2019. I’m lining up a bunch of blogs interviewing Recruitment Agency leaders who are doing cool things out there in their marketplaces. I’m going to repost some of my old Talent Attraction Show webinars that spoke of great ideas from awesome brands such as, Cisco, GE, SAP and more.

Recruitment is in a good place. Let’s embrace the positive stories and the optimism that comes from opportunity.

Looking forward to more fabulous conversations in this next 12 months.

Written by Steve Ward, Customer Solutions Director at Candidate.ID.

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Steve Ward

Customer Solutions Director, Candidate.ID