BPS World – a Website Transformation Story

Steve Ward

Customer Solutions Director, Candidate.ID

Written by Steve Ward, Customer Solutions Director at Candidate.ID.

In the first of a new series of #PositiveRecruitment stories from the Marking & Digital Recruitment Awards (MDRAs) shortlists and winners, as well as other fantastic recruitment agency innovations, I was thrilled to spend some time talking to Richard Williams and William Geldart from BPS World about the journey of the past 18 months where they have revolutionised their digital agenda, their employer brand and thus their website and social media traffic.

So where it did all come from?

Well, BPS was already a different kind of recruitment agency; rather more, they are a total talent solution, with service areas comprising of recruiting, brand marketing, and delivering RPO & Managed Service arrangements as part of their portfolio of work. This already is a strong message; that their income opportunities are not from placement fees alone.

The CEO was the catalyst. Observing that BPS did fantastic work for their clients on branding and digital presence for talent attraction, he noticed they were doing very little for their own purposes. The website was bringing little traffic and its design was dated, cluttered and a little juvenile – not reflecting the quality of the work they fulfil.

In autumn 2017, Richard was hired as Marketing Director. BPS’s statement of intent was clear, they invested in some serious marketing expertise, and most crucially for the recruitment industry, a ‘performance marketing’ mindset.

“The objective of the journey to come, was that “the website would become a tool for business development.”

I love this statement. So many of our websites sit as place-cards, and we are not keeping them alive, and using them to track and advise recruiters of who has been researching – something Candidate.ID is passionate about in product performance.

So with a small team, Richard set on the journey of a website rebuild. All in-house, no brand agencies needed – and the only external cost a 3-month contract for a specialist developer. The cornerstones were yes, the ability to demonstrate BPS World’s product and services suite in a clean and easy-to-navigate way; but they also wanted to focus on another factor, their Employer Brand. Again, this is an area often missed by agencies. The agency brand was strong, they have high NPS rating, and it is a terrific place to work. So a corner of the website would have it’s own look and feel and be focused on what a terrific place it is to work, how they look after their people, their wellness and where people could apply for jobs. With interesting and diverse content, it acts as a beacon for the company and the story of its people.

So what of the outcomes?

Well first they have that fantastic, clean and engaging website: https://www.bps-world.com/

Whilst not able to track to specific placements, in the 6-9 months the website has been live, aside of a noticeable rise in direct applications for roles there, they, of course, have been measuring their traffic reinvigoration.

The results of the re-brand are laid out clearly in their MDRAs submission HERE, but some highlights are:

– 1812% growth in sessions on their website
– 34% growth in their LinkedIn following
– 135% growth in their email marketing performance
– And on mobile, a transformation – 572% growth in time spent on the website from mobile

Some remarkable stats, that will surely be tough to maintain at the same level, but building new engaged audiences will help them focus in on the hireable candidates spending the most time there. The other outcome is that I am pleased to say, BPS World won the award for best recruitment website at the MDRAs!

Thank you to Richard and William for their fantastic story. The often-fractured relationship between marketing and sales/recruitment is a long-standing one. It usually boils down to zero proof and ROI from the marketing activity and one there is not serving the other. This story serves to show the impact at the top and middle of the funnel to drive attention. Talk to me about Candidate.ID’s capability to draw a firm line between marketing, content, candidate behaviour tracking and watching the journey from passive candidate to active candidate as you are altered to their change in interest in their research journey – before they even told you!

Find out more about BPS World and their work here: https://www.bps-world.com/
Find out more about the Marketing & Digital Recruitment Awards here: https://www.marketinganddigitalrecruitmentawards.com/
…and their parent business, Members Only; a fantastic recruitment agency leader community: https://www.membersonlyuk.com/

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Steve Ward

Customer Solutions Director, Candidate.ID