Ready for ANYTHING at The AA?

Adam Gordon

CEO, Candidate.ID

Written by Adam GordonCEO and Co-founder at Candidate.ID.

When Craig Morgans, Head of Talent Acquisition & HR Shared Services at The AA needed to raise perception of the company’s brand as an employer, he felt experiential events were clearly a good way to do so.

The events were held in two key locations close to two of The AA’s call centres; Birmingham’s Bullring and Gateshead’s Metro Centre. Roles in The AA’s call centre roles are not usual call centre jobs; responsibilities range from taking a call from someone renewing membership to possibly taking an emergency break-down call from a family on the hard shoulder of the M6. You just don’t know what you’re going to get.

So, although, of course, the purpose of the events was to fill jobs, equally, it was to demonstrate the spirit of the employer, engage the crowd and get them involved; both in person and online.

The events needed to be high impact, truly memorable and generate plenty of buzz and long-lasting recyclable content. Both events were designed and executed in close partnership with PeopleScout UK who had the unenviable logistical nightmare of not only managing the projects, but also sourcing 64 fake spiders, 15 litres of custard and 2 tubes of wasabi paste…. Amongst other things!

A celebrity host was appointed. Ashley Taylor Dawson is well known from his time on Strictly Come Dancing and of course, as Darren Osborne in Hollyoaks. The AA employs multiple people from the same families and so a celebrity, well recognised across generations, was very useful in bringing together the audience and encouraging them to talk about the events around the dinner table.

In advance of the Ready for ANYTHING challenges, Ashley helped to generate buzz on social media using the #readyforanythingchallenge hashtag, which the official Strictly and Hollyoaks accounts helped to promote online.

On the day of the events, the stands were in place from 8am, playing music and generating anticipation with Ashley and the unsuspecting contestants on stage for 3 hours later in each day.

The challenges themselves were designed to determine if the contestants were indeed ready for ANYTHING. Tasks included eating cupcakes covered in chili sauce and dunking for stars in jelly and custard. Take a look at the social media footage.. Not everyone was ready for ANYTHING 😊

All participants received a £100 reward with the overall winner taking home £1,000 of adventure holiday vouchers.

Before, during and after the event, social media was vital to the challenges’ success. The crowd was encouraged to participate. The challenges were live streamed and lots of content was generated for future use.


All traffic relating to the events was directed through the careers site which would normally generate 1-2,000 visits per day. Across the two weeks surrounding the events, a huge 60,000 visits were recorded with a massive 467% uplift in traffic on the weekends of the events. Overall the campaign created a strong 23 new hires but the lasting impact to the brand and generation of relationships with prospective candidates for the future has also been highly desirable.

Congratulations to Craig and The AA on winning the RAD Award for Best Experiential / Outdoor Event last week.


Adam Gordon is CEO and Co-founder at Candidate.ID, talent pipeline automation.

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Adam Gordon

CEO, Candidate.ID