Why is Candidate Experience Important?

Siobhan Brady

Marketing Executive, Candidate.ID

Candidate experience is increasingly gaining importance within recruitment as it not only helps securing top talent but also shapes an organisation’s employer branding. Providing a first-class experience to candidates gives you the upper hand in the fierce competition with other companies. A poor candidate experience can make top talent feel that companies must treat their employees poorly too.

What is Candidate experience? It is defined as how candidates feel and behave to an employer’s recruitment marketing, sourcing, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding processes. Therefore, a positive hiring experience is crucial to making successful placements.

Not necessarily considered as a recruitment tool, candidate experience can certainly help (or hamper!) with this. It’s something that happens with each hire a company makes and, if you don’t pay attention to its importance, it can have a serious effect on company growth.

Each interaction a job seeker has with your company during the recruitment process is part of their overall candidate experience.

A positive candidate experience can be ensured by deploying an easy-to-follow process. Providing timely communications in each step of the process and making sure that the candidates do not feel like they are set up for failure can have a huge impact on this. A positive experience should leave them feeling valued, respected, and, most importantly, excited at the prospect of working for your organisation.

A negative candidate experience essentially has the opposite effect – it will make them feel like they never want to interact with the organisation again. A confusing hiring process or lack of information can lead to frustration and make candidates feel like they have been set up to fail. Research shows that candidates who has a negative recruitment experience often report their ordeal online which can do serious damage to your employer branding.

What can you do to create a positive candidate experience?

– Listen and communicate often – candidates want to be kept in the loop and feel valued.
– Be transparent about the recruitment process, right from the pre-application stage through to the on-boarding process.
– Measure candidate experience and talent acquisition performance – be more accountable for this and measure it regularly and consistently.
– Have a fair process – candidates should believe that they are able to share why their skills and experience deserves to be considered for the role they have applied for.

Focussing on your candidate experience will pay off in the long-term in more ways than just your brand. Respect, communication, and context must be of paramount importance. A positive candidate experience would shape your employer brand and lead to a great impression among top talent pool, which in turn means great business.

Written by Siobhan Brady, Digital Marketing Executive at Candidate.ID.

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Siobhan Brady

Marketing Executive, Candidate.ID