Winning the Recruitment Tech Start-up Competition at UNLEASH World Conference & Expo

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come – Victor Hugo

Candidate.ID – Winner Recruitment Tech Startup Competition 2018/19 (UNLEASH)

Last month our CEO had the privilege of pitching Candidate.ID on the iRecruit stage at UNLEASH to win the recruitment start-up competition. From over 30 entries, we had been selected to join 3 other start-ups to compete for the top prize. If you haven’t already heard, we did win! We were absolutely delighted and progressed to the grand finale the following day.

For anyone, speaking in front of a crowd can be nerve wracking! On day 2, Adam pitched again in front of an audience of over 3,000 people. Not only was there a larger crowd to try and impress, but there were more judges (a further 7 to be exact!) to pitch our vision to.

Again, we were up against another 4 start-ups who had won their competitions the day before. Adam’s pitch went extremely well, and the judges were split down the middle in deciding a winner. They were both impressed by us and the winners, MobieTrain. We came in a very close second, trailing only slightly behind with 5 less points. Congratulations to MobieTrain – we think their product is great and we can’t wait to see how they develop it!

SmartRecruiters wrote a fantastic write-up of the start-up competition which covers all 4 of the finalists.

The positive feedback from attendees at the event was also great to see:

The event also gave the team a chance to speak to leading industry experts and clients (current and potential!).

Adam and the Godfather of Candidate Experience, Gerry Crispin

We’re already looking forward to the next UNLEASH event in London this March. See you there!

If you’d like to find out more about our product and why it impressed the judges so much, book a demo with us. We’d love to show you how we can help you build genuine talent pipelines and reduce your time-to-shortlist!

Written by Siobhan Brady, Digital Marketing Executive at Candidate.ID

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Siobhan Brady

Marketing Executive, Candidate.ID

Siobhan Brady

Marketing Executive, Candidate.ID