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Candidate.ID Appoints New Company Chair, Doug Sawers

13.07.21 | News

This month, Candidate.ID welcomed Doug Sawers as their new Chair. Doug has nearly 30 years’ board level experience in international listed and private equity-backed companies, including considerable time spent in the HR software and services industry with Ceridian. He is also a Chartered Accountant and has significant M&A experience, including 3 successful company sales.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr Sawers said, “I became interested in Candidate.ID when they undertook a very professional and effective investment raise in mid 2019 and have gotten to know the senior team there over the last 6 months. The team and their vision are impressive and now that the software product itself has been completely re-built, the foundations are in place for considerable growth.”

Candidate.ID co-founder and CEO Adam Gordon added, “Our third year, 2019, was extremely important for us as we undertook major software engineering and marketing initiatives, won international awards for innovation, generated £1m of seed investment and are now fully prepared to launch the latest release of our product, which we are confident will change the way international employers recruit, for good. Our client list already includes employers such as IBM, IQVIA, Specsavers and Thermo Fisher Scientific and our pipeline is better than ever. The Candidate.ID team have been inspired by the time we have spent with Doug so far. He has challenged our thinking and explained alternative strategies we should consider. Because Doug is originally from Glasgow *and* has HR tech industry experience, we have shared DNA.”

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