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Candidate.ID Entirely Rebuilt: New Product Features

09.07.21 | Talent Pipeline Automation

You might have heard that we recently unveiled our new product at Talent Tech Rising. It’s been 18 months in the making and it comes with some amazing new features that we think you’ll be excited to learn more about. Before we do, let’s take a look at the last version of our product and what some of our customers were able to achieve.

There’s no denying that version 2 of Candidate.ID was great. It allowed recruitment marketing and talent sourcing experts to create sophisticated talent nurture programmes.

Achievements included:

  • 50% reduction in time-to-shortlist by month 3
  • 50% reduction in cost-per-hire by month 13
  • 50% increase in hires-per-recruiter by month 13
  • Automatic GDPR compliance
  • The new standard for candidate experience, pre-application

In fact, this version was so good it won us the recruitment tech start-up competitions at UNLEASH in Amsterdam and Hiring Success in San Francisco.

Candidate.ID Entirely Rebuilt

Candidate.ID Entirely Rebuilt is even better. In fact, it’s much better. It comes packed with some awesome new features. So, let’s take a look at those new features.

Here’s what you can expect:

• Collaboration – found a candidate that a colleague will like? Share that person and your colleague will be notified in real-time.

• Job management – Once a candidate is ready-to-hire, you can then add them to the requisition – and manage them through the job funnel with the benefit of auto-scheduling tools.

• Communications – email and text messages can be sent simply as one-offs instead of just part of a campaign.

• Mailbox and calendar integration – Recruiters can now “live” in Candidate.ID, accessing their email inbox and scheduling interviews against their calendar.

• Basic drip-nurture – easily launch simple drip-nurture campaign for tactical reasons, such as vacancies or other immediate notifications.

• Multiple pipelines – separate your business into different pipelines e.g. by business division or brand.

• Enhanced candidate searching – Search and then segment candidates by job and location criteria that updates in real-time, including postcode search.

• Document storage – store candidate CV and other relevant documents.

• Single sign-on and login with Google / Office 365.

• Candidate portal – candidates can login and manage their profile, update their privacy and export their information.

• Dedicated GDPR section on every candidate record – easily manage and report on candidates and their GDPR status.

• Simplified UI will allow individual recruiters will be able to create their own talent nurture campaigns without relying on recruitment marketing or talent sourcing colleagues

• Easy integration with ATSs and HR suites.

• Free recruitment CRM module; since we don’t believe in the future for standalone recruitment CRM.

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