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Candidate.ID Launches New Product

13.07.21 | News

Today at Talent Tech Rising in London, CEO of Candidate Adam Gordon unveiled Candidate.ID Entirely Rebuilt.

Candidate.ID was first launched to the market in January 2017 and the company currently has 22 customers including Nielsen, Thermo Fisher Scientific, IBM and IQVIA.

The company also recently completed a successful crowdfunding round on Crowdcube. Investors include industry experts such as Tim Sackett, Chad Sowash, Katrina Collier, and Adam Godson.

The new product is packed with some incredible new features, such as:

– Simplified UI which will allow individual recruiters to be able to create their own talent nurture campaigns without relying on recruitment marketing or talent sourcing colleagues
– Email and calendar integration which means recruiters will want to ‘live’ within the Candidate.ID environment
– Easy integration with ATSs and HR suites
– Free recruitment CRM module

The first public demo of the Free Recruitment CRM module takes place on Friday, 11th October 2019, with a new product demo video available soon after.

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