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Candidate Scoring: First Access to Best Talent

When it comes to engaging talent, no-one wants to waste time on candidates that aren’t interested or qualified, and manually one-by-one assessing candidate ‘hire readiness’ just takes ages.

The most in-demand candidates are also off the market within 10 days, so once you see that they’re interested you have to move fast. That’s where candidate scoring comes in.

Candidate scoring tells you who is hot and needs immediate follow up, removing all the guesswork, cold calling and spamming – probably the most wasteful activity in recruitment.

Download this guide to learn how to lift the haystack off the needle:

  • What candidate scoring is (and why your talent acquisition needs it!)
  • Candidate scoring is key to identifying the hottest ‘hire ready’ talent
  • Identifying ‘hot’ candidates that need follow-up right now
  • Automating alerts to recruiters for new ‘hire-ready’ candidates

To get first access to best talent, you have to go beyond CRM

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