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Cody’s Story – Working with a World-Leading RPO Provider

29.04.22 | News

Candidate.ID has been working with the no.1 Global RPO provider to transform its talent acquisition strategy. Keep reading to find out Customer Success Manager, Cody Brown’s personal successes of the campaign and how he helped our customer reduce time to hire with marketing automation.

Customer Success Manager, Cody Brown

“Working with the world’s leading RPO provider over the past 6 months has been a real achievement for me. Like any campaign, it has had its challenges and obstacles to overcome. However, the hard work is starting to pay off and the results are becoming clearer with every campaign. 

“We have run two campaigns with very different targeted candidates to engage with. The first campaign was directed at new candidates, not currently in the customer’s CRM. Candidate.ID’s campaign builder was used to send a number of personalised communications to candidates introducing them to the organisation and showcasing the opportunities available to them. The second campaign was directed at a much smaller list of candidates with specialised work experience. Using a compiled list of candidates from their CRM, we scrubbed it down and focused a personalised email campaign on individuals located in the Philippines with a background as a Senior Tech Recruiter.” 

“The results of both campaigns have been excellent, with email open rates as high as 52%. By sending personalised, meaningful communications, candidates are engaged in the content they are receiving and want to know more about the brand. Candidate.ID’s capabilities overtake that of any other talent acquisition technology by miles – it is the only technology that can automate recruitment messaging, personalised and at scale. The Candidate.ID platform has been so useful to my customer, helping them build an engaged pipeline of candidates for hard-to-fill roles. 

“One of my favourite parts of working on this campaign has been the level of involvement from senior level employees. Right from the get-go, the Global Director of Talent Acquisition has been involved, helping in the planning process and overall strategy. We have worked together to tie down the exact target of the campaign and how automation and tracking can help transform the brand’s talent acquisition strategy. Having involvement from those that truly are invested in the product and what Candidate.ID can do for them makes all the difference. 

“Using Candidate.ID, my customer was able to build an engaged pipeline of in-demand talent which was then passed on to recruiters and used to connect, screen, interview and ultimately hire. At the end of the day, the ultimate goal for any customer is to cut down on time to hire and increase the number of hires per recruiter. This campaign absolutely succeeded at that, and I am really proud of the results we have achieved using marketing automation”. 

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