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Elevate Your Talent Acquisition Model with an Agile Approach

04.05.22 | Candidate Experience, Candidate Nurture, Talent Acquisition

Creating efficiency is as important as ever in talent acquisition. With new approaches, systems and methodologies cropping up all the time, talent acquisition leaders are constantly looking for new ways to help cut down on manual admin time across people, processes and technology. The end goal of this being to increase the number of hires per recruiter and ultimately cut down on time and cost to hire. 

This is where Candidate.ID’s world-first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition comes in. Read on to find out how an Agile methodology can elevate your talent acquisition model with marketing automation. 

First off, what is Agile?

Originally used in software development, Agile is a term used to describe an iterative communicative approach to project management. Agile comes with its own set of language and processes used to create a transparent, efficient approach. With Agile proving to be a successful methodology, it is more popular than ever, transferring across industries. In talent acquisition, Agile is used to drive innovation, breaking down the entire TA model into iterative stages. 

Agile in Talent Acquisition – how does it work?

In Agile, processes are broken down into key iterative stages called “sprints”. Usually in bursts of 2 weeks, sprints allow for reflection with retrospectives held at the end of each to review progress and assign key priorities for the next stage. In Agile Talent Acquisition, the TA model is broken down into core stages, key deliverables are assessed and a ‘Product Owner’ and Service Level Agreement are assigned to each stage. The term ‘Product Owner’ is often used in Agile to describe a key stakeholder in the project, responsible for communicating their vision and end goals for the strategy in place. 

Where does marketing automation come in? 

By automating a manual TA operating model, marketing automation software can be used to underpin and drive transformation. Using marketing automation alongside an Agile approach creates a balance of human interaction and automation. At the end of the day, Agile is all about communication between people and teams, ensuring that the end goal is at the forefront of the mind throughout the entire process. There are some things in life which simply cannot be automated, such as human conversation and interaction. Marketing automation can be used alongside human interaction to streamline processes, cut down on manual admin tasks and create efficiency. Candidate.ID’s marketing automation technology is the only talent acquisition technology which automates messaging, personalised and at scale.

The model below outlines the touch points where humans add most value in a traditional TA operating model, automating the rest of the process. As you can see, humans add value at the searching, filtering and interviewing stages with marketing automation used in between to nurture and track candidates throughout. 

What are the benefits of using Agile in Talent Acquisition? 

Using Agile fosters a communicative, iterative approach to talent acquisition that can be evaluated throughout the entire process. In any strategy, reflection is pivotal to its success, ensuring that key deliverables are achieved throughout. Agile keeps everyone and everything in the process on track. 

Ultimately, an Agile approach creates better quality candidates at each stage, cutting down overall time to hire and improving efficiency of the end-to-end process. Better hires, faster. 

Using marketing automation to drive efficiency 

With 3.8 sextillion marketing workflows, Candidate.ID lets you know which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ in real-time. 

Reduce time to hire by 50%. Double the number of hires per recruiter. Increase engagement of your current database. 

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