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TalentPipe Webinar: Employer Branding & The Candidate Journey

13.05.21 | Candidate Engagement, Candidate Experience, Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition

On this week’s TalentPipe webinar, Scot McRae was joined by James Ellis, Employer Brand expert and Host of The Talent Cast where they chat on the subject of ‘Employer Branding & The Candidate Journey’.

They discussed a number of topics related to employer branding including:

– How recruiters could be using employer branding to engage and place more candidates

– How employer branding impacts a candidate through the entire recruitment journey

Some key takeaways from the show:

– Marketing is the transfer of emotion. Every piece of marketing material can evoke the emotion they want you to have.

– Employer branding is non-emotional, boring, bland, corporate, hr-owned and, therefore, the messages come across as such. If your employer branding isn’t trying to engage and spark emotion, then you’re doing something wrong. You have to start with the emotion; that’s how the brain works.

– If you get at least 1% of the working population to engage with your brand, then you have won.

– Those applying for a job want to know where the company is heading and if it would be a good move for them and look good on their CVs. Is this always answered by the employer brand or is this where the corporate brand comes in?

– You can see companies that get their employer branding right – they’re magnetic.

– Scot suggested that if you can see what people are doing and what content people are engaging with, then you can see what you should be doing more of. Once you have that, content becomes king. You need the technology to tell you that.

– People see what they want to see in the story, and most of the time that’s what THEY bring to the story. One person may see the negativity in the story, but someone else may see the positivity in it.

– James suggested that on a 1-2-1 level, content is king. If you’re scaling it then you’ll need the technology behind it.

– James’ advice is to keep it simple. Find one thing that makes you different. You want to give the total addressable market the tiniest bit of content to spark interest. Then, you want to reel them in as fast as you can and give them the next piece of content. As they move down the funnel, the depth of content increases.

– Getting candidates interested is the very first step of a long journey.

– James suggests that every brand is a challenger brand – a conversation to continue with another time.

– You need to think about what would make someone happier to work there. Is it more innovation, more opportunity to grow, a better team…?

– Your message should be the same for every role in the company. For example, Data Analysts shouldn’t be seeing different messages than Factory Workers. If you treat them as two separate companies then they don’t connect. If they don’t connect then they do not show credibility and authenticity. If they connect then the message is far more believable.

Final thought from James:

Start with content. That’s what you can do when it’s just you.

Watch the full replay below:


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