It is exhausting starting from scratch for every new position. Candidate.ID enables you to recruit strategically by building and nurturing talent pools to stay ahead of business demand, hit hiring targets and reduce costs and time to hire.


Talent Pipelining

Candidate.ID enables you to recruit strategically by building and nurturing defined talent pools to stay ahead of business demand.

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Source & Match

Candidate.ID is the only tech product in recruitment to filter candidates by a real-time engagement score and match against the job description.

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Candidate Engagement

Candidate.ID gives you all the tools to get high quality talent aware of your organisation, engaged and considering your jobs when they’re ready to make a career change.

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Candidate Experience

Candidate.ID enables you to maximise the personalised experience for every candidate by customising your perfect candidate journey throughout their decision cycle.

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GDPR Compliance

At Candidate.ID, we entirely welcome GDPR because it forces recruiters to use their data or delete it and this, in turn, encourages them to think about better ways to nurture their candidate databases.

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Let Candidate.ID do the heavy lifting by automatically nurturing candidates and identifying those most interested in opportunities.

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Employer Branding

Maximise your investment in employer branding by using Candidate.ID to promote your EVP to your target candidates based on their stage of interest.

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Return on Investment

Use Candidate.ID to get the real impact of your recruitment and tie each successful candidate back to its original source with closed-loop reporting.

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This is our most comprehensive guide yet on talent pipeline automation – “the next big thing in talent acquisition”. It’s packed with more than 60 pages of important insights and contributions from leading pioneers within talent acquisition.

In 2019, pipeline automation has already become a core element of the talent attraction plan for those organisations looking to drive faster and better hiring, get first access to talent, measure and optimise recruiting investments, and save time and money.

The engagement scoring function accurately measures a candidate’s desire to work for an organisation in real-time, enabling recruiters to cut cost and time to a higher quality shortlist.