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Freedom Mortgage using Candidate.ID to identify hire ready in-demand talent

14.07.21 | News

Freedom Mortgage Corporation is a full-service direct lender founded in 1990. A privately held, mortgage lender and servicer licensed in all 50 US states, Freedom Mortgage has 8 operation centers nationwide, funds over 6 billion dollars in loans a month with a servicing portfolio of over 100 billion dollars, and is one of largest issuers of FHA/VA GNMA securities.

With more than 11,000 associates, approximately 4000 hires per annum, the TA team is made up of 50 employees.

Their biggest challenge lies in hiring in-demand talent, those hard to fill roles, in hard to fill locations. They aren’t on CV databases, they aren’t looking at job adverts, they don’t go on LinkedIn, they don’t see job postings, they’re indifferent to employer brand, and they ghost employers, abandoning any conversations or applications midway through. Any career move is a “considered decision” and they will spend months researching potential employers across multiple touch-points, but when they do decide to make a move, they move fast, with the best candidates being off the market exceptionally quickly.

In 2020, Freedom Mortgage spent time being proactive and building out their database. Now they are ready to create dynamic talent pipelines in order to attract in-demand talent in their industry. For them, this is mainly made up of Operations (Underwriters, Processors), Sales (Mortgage Brokers, Loan Advisors), IT and Support roles.

This is why Freedom Mortgage is using Candidate.ID – marketing automation technology, which tracks and scores candidate engagement and fit with their organisation. Candidate scoring is the methodology used to rank candidates in order to determine their ‘hire-readiness’. Scoring candidates based on the interest they show in Freedom Mortgage alongside current opportunities will allow the talent acquisition team to evaluate the best fit in regard to the skills and experience they are looking for, for each individual role. Scoring candidates by assigning points to their specific behaviour and then implementing scoring thresholds to determine their stage of interest – who is ‘hot’, ‘warm’ or ‘cold’. The key point is that the talent acquisition team can transform their productivity simply by focusing on the hottest candidates, those that meet the threshold of ‘hot’ or ‘hire-ready’.

Candidate scoring will tell them in real-time the ‘hot’ candidates that need to be fast- tracked right now for immediate follow up, and the ‘warm’ candidates to keep nurturing.

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