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#FreeRecruitmentCRM from Candidate.ID

09.07.21 | Talent Pipeline Automation

Talent pipeline automation is the game-changer for recruitment teams today but since everyone feels they need recruitment CRM, we’ve decided you can have ours for free.

Free recruitment CRM is a first for the industry and will be unlike any other recruitment CRM. This is because it tracks candidate interactions such as email opens, link clicks and activity at the careers site. It will serve recruiters with notifications when candidates undertake meaningful activities. On top of this, it also has email and calendar integration which will mean that talent acquisition teams will want to ‘live’ within the product.

Now, some of this might seem familiar but, unlike the commercial Candidate.ID product, it offers a limited number of candidate records. You will be able to manage 1,000 candidates and be able to do some basic nurture activity.

Here’s what else you can expect from the free product:

Job management

We also now have the functionality of job management. You can now add candidates from segments into vacancies and you can manage candidates from long list, short list, interview, and placement.

Multiple columns

One of the biggest demand changes from our clients has been the ability to add multiple columns to the ‘candidates’ page. We’ve now given you the ability to add in columns such as a candidate’s country, job title, stage, address, mobile number and so on. On top of this, you are also able to choose which columns you want visible on the page. The platform is now so much quicker than it ever has been which means it’s much easier and faster to sort candidates by engagement score and last active date.

Send one-off emails

We’ve now given you the ability to send one-off emails from the candidate list screen. You can send them to one person or to multiple people by selecting the box next to their name.

Candidate stages

We still have the stages function and we can now add point thresholds into stages so that when candidates meet a point threshold, they will automatically move into the next stage. The stages can also be manually changed within the candidate record.

Candidate pages

On each candidate page, we have now separated out ID score log, campaign activity, and engagements. It’s now much easier to look at the information that’s within Candidate.ID and understand what your candidate journey looks like.

There’s also a dedicated document library that enables you to upload CVs and any other relevant documents, as well as a dedicated GDPR preference centre.


Campaigns are now much easier to build and you can choose to send to either a pipeline or a segment. There is also the ability to restrict which days and times campaigns are sent. Campaigns can also be sent immediately if there is an urgency around it.

Simpler email builds

Emails are much simpler to build by dropping in new components such as columns, links, custom HTML and so on. It’s one of the biggest changes and one of the first requests from our clients. It means it’s going to be much easier for recruiters to build their own emails and campaigns.

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