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Using Marketing Automation to Future-proof Your Business

25.02.22 | Candidate Engagement, Candidate Nurture, News

When deciding on the best recruitment strategy for your organisation, often the one that takes the cake is that which brings in the most candidates instantaneously. However, in this competitive climate, hiring for the future is becoming an ever more popular strategy with employers and recruiters looking at long-term solutions to their recruitment obstacles. 

As the world’s only marketing automation tool for recruitment, Candidate.ID has a multitude of uses for every organisation, industry and sector. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the sectors we’ve been helping target candidates in the early stages of their careers. 

The Legal Sector 

Stowe Family Law 

What’s their aim?

As one of the UK’s most reputable family law and divorce solicitors, Stowe Family Law’s aim is to build an engaged pipeline of students, trainees and newly qualified lawyers, nurturing them throughout each stage of their law career. 

Their goal is that by the end of the campaign, not only have they grown in employer brand awareness, but they will have gained candidates’ trust in the brand from nurture to conversion. 

So, how are they using the platform?

Candidate.ID’s campaign builder offers Stowe the ability to do more than just send candidates a series of emails. Our unique technology means that their marketing automations can be tailored to each candidate based on how they have interacted in the past.

Stowe can send meaningful communications to their candidates throughout the journey by using engagement scores to track a candidate’s interaction, rather than spamming their inboxes with content irrelevant to them. 

Not only are Stowe using Candidate.ID to drip-feed helpful content, advice and training to their candidates, but they are using the landing page feature at events to build engaged talent pipelines.  

Additionally, Stowe is using Candidate.ID’s trackable links to track candidates’ activity on their careers site and send live alerts to their recruiters. 

How’s it going so far? 

Like any early careers campaign, this is a long-term process. To date, Stowe’s email campaigns have been a budding success. Their emails have an extremely high average open rate of 60%, and 93% of their early careers database is active regularly.

From this, it is evident that their candidates are engaged in the communications they are receiving. By using marketing automation to tailor your recruitment campaigns, candidates are more engaged in the communications they are receiving. 

What next?

With such a successful open rate and activity, the future looks promising for Stowe’s early careers campaign. By using Candidate.ID they are future-proofing their business with a strong pipeline of lawyers and professionals just waiting to come on board with them. 

We look forward to working in partnership with Stowe to nurture their early careers campaign and build engaged pipelines of talented candidates. 

The Technology Sector 


What’s their aim? 

As a global classifieds specialist with online marketplaces in 15 countries, Candidate.ID has been working with Adevinta over the past year to nurture its early careers pipeline worldwide. By sending regular, helpful communications to their candidates, their aim has been to engage their candidates and build awareness of the company.  

As their early careers campaign progresses, so do their objectives. Adevinta is now looking to use their campaign to drive applicants to apply for their early careers programme. 

How are they using the platform?

Adevinta is using a variety of tailored communications to engage their candidates, including regular emails filled with learning and brand content, as well as targeted communications at specific times of the year. For instance, good luck emails before exams and congratulations messages shortly after graduating. 

How’s it going? 

From the last year spent nurturing their candidate pipeline, Adevinta is continuously building trust with their candidates and has noticeably built brand awareness in their target demographic. 

Their email campaigns are highly successful, with an average open rate of 60% and a 95% active database. With stats like theirs, it is clear that candidates are engaged with the content they are receiving. By further personalising email communication through marketing automation, Adevinta has built an engaged pipeline. 

What next?

From the soaring success of their email campaign, we are looking forward to seeing the results of their early careers programme. With such an engaged pipeline, applicants to their early careers programme are set to be not just of quality, but in quantity too. 

The Financial Sector 

Freedom Mortgage

What’s their aim?

Operating since 1990, Freedom Mortgage is a top US mortgage lender. Like a lot of businesses right now, they are facing a myriad of obstacles in finding and holding on to top talent. Together with Candidate.ID, Freedom Mortgage plan to target the early careers market with a series of University events across the US, building an engaged pipeline of students and young professionals within financial services. 

How are they using the platform?

With Candidate.ID, Freedom Mortgage will be able to use the platform alongside their University events, automating everything from invitation emails and candidate check-ins to attendance reports and follow up communications when a candidate is interested. 

Engagement scores will allow them to determine which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ reducing time to hire and increasing the number of hires per recruiter. 

How’s it going so far?

At this stage, we are in the process of working with Freedom Mortgage to build a series of content pieces and campaigns which will go live in time for their next wave of University recruitment events.

By using Candidate.ID to automate reports, recruiter notifications and ‘hire-ready’ candidate pipelines, we hope to enable the business to hit their target of 80 early careers hires in 2022.

What next?

The next steps for the organisation are set for success. We can’t wait to watch how their talent pipeline grows, helping them future-proof their business in the long-term. 

The Future of Early Careers 

Whether you haven’t considered a long-term recruitment strategy, or you have decided against it, hiring for the future is a must in today’s turbulent workplace.

Using Candidate.ID, our customers are future-proofing their businesses with talent pipelines, tailored communications and engaged candidates.  

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