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GDPR: One Year On

Right from the get-go, the GDPR was a lot to get on top of. But, 1 year on, for recruiters armed with the right tools the GDPR has been the catalyst to establishing a hiring advantage. Over the past year at Candidate.ID we’ve worked through the many changes our customers have faced, balancing data governance and compliance whilst remaining focused on talent. Download our latest ebook to discover what we have learnt, including:  
  • Transparency leads to more engaged candidates
  • Turning existing databases into a talent goldmine
  • Automation to maintain ongoing compliance and slash people time
  • Rethinking data governance
  • Outreach – Underpinning a new (sourcing) process
  • Meeting the rights of candidates
  • Keeping in touch continuously
  • How to make GDPR the catalyst for hiring advantage
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