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Global RPO Provider Using Candidate.ID to Reduce Empty Chair Time

06.04.22 | News

About the customer 

Recognised as the no.1 Global RPO provider, our customer is dedicated to ensuring their clients attract and hire better talent faster, all while providing a world-class candidate experience. Many RPO providers think more like outsourcers than recruiters, but our customer immerses themselves within the industry and brand they are working in, accountable for driving real business results. 

Why are they using Candidate.ID?

In recent years, leaders in talent acquisition have struggled to hire recruiters across every industry, our customer included. This organisation is using Candidate.ID to transform its talent acquisition strategy in the United States and Philippines, automating their messaging at scale. Using marketing automation, they have the opportunity to nurture candidates throughout the recruitment process building an engaged pipeline of recruiters across the industry. 

The objectives

This customer is using Candidate.ID to target senior tech recruiters in the Philippines, and recruiters and sourcing specialists across the Philippines and United States. Their main objective being to increase the number of hires per year. By automating their messaging, they are able to tailor their communications based on the way candidates interact, offering them the ability to understand which candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ in real-time.   

  • Build active talent pipelines for critical talent communities. 
  • Improve important business metrics for talent acquisition, including hires per recruiter and time to hire. 
  • Reduce empty chair time and cost to the business for hard to fill roles and locations.

Cody Brown, Customer Success Manager- 

“Working with the world’s largest RPO provider is a real achievement for me. I’ve been working alongside this customer for a number of months, and the hard work is starting to pay off as the results become clearer with every campaign. 

“With their email open rates as high as 52% using Candidate.ID, our customer is viewed as a leader in the industry who candidates want to work for. I am looking forward to watching how these results translate into hires”

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