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Candidate.ID, Marketing Automation by iCIMS. Learn more about HR Tech's Product of the Year! Save your seat

How it works

Imagine hot candidate leads automatically pinging straight into your recruiters’ inboxes so they can cut sourcing time considerably and are much more productive every day.

Candidate.ID is super sophisticated technology, packaged in a simple-to-use interface which sits right on top of your ATS as your core system of candidate engagement.


The centralised solution enables you to develop a proactive, engaging, multi-touch approach to developing relationships with candidates and converting them into today’s applicants and tomorrow’s hires.

Your recruiters live within Candidate.ID, going about their business as normal but the difference is, every message they send to candidates is loaded with technology which gives them constant clues about which candidates to prioritise picking up the phone to. Recruiters who use Candidate.ID are 50% more productive than they were before.

Designed by talent acquisition specialists, Candidate.ID’s talent lead gen software is the fast-track solution to hiring success for mid-large employers and specialist staffing companies



Create a sustainable pool of candidates to allow better engagement and build long-lasting relationships.


Nurture & Convert

Build nurture campaigns and develop a strong relationship with candidates.



With Candidate.ID’s real-time blended candidate scoring and grading model it takes seconds to identify which potential candidates within your talent pipeline are hire-ready.



With tools to engage, nurture and score potential candidates, our software makes it easy for you to make successful hires.

Most employers, RPOs and agency recruitment teams import their stale candidate databases into Candidate.ID in the first instance and undertake a short reactivation – what we call ‘waking the dead’ – campaign to show which candidates:

  • Should be deleted because their engagement is low
  • Are cold
  • Are warm
  • Are ‘Hire-Ready’

Following this, Candidate.ID will continue to act as a magnet for candidates who may be looking for opportunities in the future rather than today. Connecting with your careers site, employee referral programme, social media, Glassdoor and other channels, Candidate.ID can convert people into prospective candidates who want to receive ongoing communication from your business.

Candidate.ID is a multi-channel product that gives you the opportunity to inspire potential future candidates through:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social Media
  • Landing Pages
  • Career sites
  • Using blogs, infographics, video and dynamic content.

Every person is unique; they all respond more or less to different types of communication. That’s why Candidate.ID is able to:

  • Determine which content subjects, formats and channels each individual prefers through various testing methods
  • Automatically serves them with personalised content nurture journeys based on those results.

In turn, this generates far more interactions from each potential candidate and continuously improves the performance of the campaigns.

In order to really determine which prospective candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’, we need to score their engagement with your content. Each interaction with emails, SMS, social media, landing pages, careers site and elsewhere is individually scored.

Our Customer Success team will work with you to build a scoring model which considers the importance of each channel, format and type of content that a candidate is interacting with. If someone opens an email, we recommend this generates a low score. If they watch a video this is a higher commitment activity and therefore commands higher engagement points. If someone is reviewing content about skills or industry insights, that’s fine but they will generate higher scores when they’re looking at careers sites, hiring manager profiles and of course, job descriptions.

Recruiters can discover highly engaged candidates using Candidate.ID’s search functionality. Recruiters can also be notified when a candidate:

  • Becomes hire-ready
  • Is active in a way that indicate they might be interested in speaking to a recruiter – like when they visit a job description
  • Is inactive and may need to be contacted in a different way – or removed completely
  • Updates their profile with new information that the recruiter would want to know about

Recruiters can also be notified at many other actions that are deemed to be meaningful – it could be a spike in overall points or combination of other activities which suggest they are ready for a conversation.

Recruiters also have access to each candidate’s activity history. They know which emails they’ve opened, which landing pages and careers site sections have been of most interest to individuals. Because of this, they have access to a ‘script’; they know what to say to each candidate when they make contact.