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How TheKey is Engaging its Database of 19,000 Employees 

22.11.22 | News

As the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition, Candidate.ID is transforming talent acquisition strategies across the globe. TheKey recently jumped on the bandwagon, adding to Candidate.ID’s fast-growing list of healthcare customers.   

Keep reading to find out about our customer and how Candidate.ID is helping solve the healthcare industry’s talent acquisition obstacles.  

About TheKey  

Providing quality in-home care for the past 20 years, TheKey supports and cares for older adults with age-related conditions. Today, TheKey is the leading provider of premium in-home care in the United States. Offering a wide range of care services, TheKey’s vision is to change how the world lives and ages at home. 

How TheKey is Using Marketing Automation 

Using marketing automation technology, TheKey ran two campaigns targeting separate pipelines within its database. The first campaign was centered around current employees, with the aim to encourage sign ups to company benefits. The second campaign targeted alumni employees who had left the organisation, driving them to update their details.  

Open Enrolment Campaign 

TheKey’s open enrolment campaign was sent internally to employees of the organisation. The organisation was looking for a solution that would offer further tracking functionality so that it could understand employee engagement. Candidate.ID landing pages were used to replace PDFs which allowed TheKey to know which employees were engaging in internal communications. Additionally, an external SMS provider was used alongside Candidate.ID to target employees through text communications. Candidate.ID links were used within SMS to allow for tracking and scoring. The Candidate.ID platform integrates alongside a multitude of software so that you can get the best out of your database.  

The results of this campaign proved highly successful with open rates as high as 55%. Communications were sent to the organisation’s database of 19,000 employees with 1876 employees visiting the benefits page and 256 scheduling a 1:1 consultation with an open enrolment specialist.  

Alumni Campaign 

The healthcare job market is competitive, and TheKey are constantly on the search for top quality caregivers to join the team. With an alumni database of 3,000 ex-employees, TheKey required a solution to help utilise its existing talent pool. Using Candidate.ID, TheKey was able to refresh this existing database through a dedicated nurture campaign. With billions of marketing automation workflows, Candidate.ID offers personalisation, at scale. Not only this, Candidate.ID tracks candidate engagement across your entire company digital footprint so you know which candidates are engaging in your content and are interested in your employer brand.  

From a dedicated nurture campaign, 424 candidates updated their details, with 159 viewing TheKey’s career site. With open rates as high as 52% this campaign proved successful in engaging and refreshing TheKey’s database of alumni talent.   


Solve Your Recruitment Challenges with Marketing Automation  

Whether you’re struggling to recruit in-demand talent or are looking to futureproof your talent acquisition strategy through the early careers market, the uses cases for marketing automation are endless.  

Candidate.ID is solving recruitment challenges across the globe. Want to find out more? Book a demo with a member of the team now. We are always happy to chat about all things marketing automation and talent acquisition.  

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