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How to measure ROI on employer brand

08.07.21 | Employer Branding

How do you really measure ROI on Employer Brand?

This is my opinion. An employer brand is what candidates think of you. Employer branding is the process of attempting to influence what candidates think of you.

Employer branding isn’t a new discipline. I was personally working on employer brands for companies like Morgan Stanley back in the early 2000s.

Today however, employer branding’s influence reaches a lot further because candidates and employers are much more accessible to each other. There are far more channels than previously and many candidates can access them in their pockets.

The perennial question for me and others though is, how do you truly measure the performance of an employer brand. Yes, you can survey people. Yes, you can run focus groups. But these give you moment-in-time information and as we know, public perception changes fast and candidate perceptions can alter immediately.

So, a better question might be, how do you truly measure the performance of an employer brand in real time?

For me, it’s all about being able to understand what’s driving the most candidate engagement.


– What channels are driving the most demand? Email? Text message? WhatsApp? Events?
– What social media performs best? LinkedIn? Facebook? Instagram? YouTube?
– Which content subjects do people want to consume? What the office looks like? What the hiring manager’s objectives are? What are the financial benefits?

Candidate.ID and Employer Brand

Once you know what is performing best and you can see how individual channels, formats and subjects are driving the most demand, you have incredible insights which will help you improve every single week.

Within Candidate.ID, we have three tech components which allow us to track email opens, text message opens, social media activity, landing page and career site visits and more.

The scoring model applies points to each candidate’s interaction on a weighted basis so you can rank candidates according to a real-time engagement score.

Our automation system then serves up a personalised nurture campaign to each person based on their behaviour.

– If John likes ‘skills’ by email in videos, that’s what John continues to receive

– If Jane likes ‘industry insights’ by text message in infographics, that’s what Jane continues to receive

I still believe in 2018, far too much employer brand activity is unable to be measured for return. Using smart talent pipeline software enables you to get really granular and finesse everything for ongoing enhanced results.

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Written by Adam Gordon, CEO & Co-founder of Candidate.ID

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