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How to Onboard New Employees With Candidate.ID

05.07.21 | Talent Acquisition

Building a strong onboarding process is the best way to welcome (and retain!) new employees. Effective onboarding is all about planning ahead and thinking from applicants and your new employee’s point of view. It doesn’t begin and end on their first day with your company. It starts at the beginning of your hiring process and ends when your new employee is fully settled into their role.

With Candidate.ID, you can onboard new employees. Here’s how some of our customers are currently using our software to do this:


  • Acquire feedback from applicants at all relevant touchpoints during the recruitment process, from first website visit to offer stage 
  • Identify areas of improvement and rectify any issues and/or build on any successes
  • Improve applicant experience
  • Maximise exposure to employer brand
  • Nurture silver medallists
  • Continue to acquire feedback at 30/60/90-day touchpoints for new employees
  • Gauge employee satisfaction
  • Identify gaps in onboarding
  • Improve new employee experience
  • Identify potential churn risks
  • Promote internal employer brand

Example Customer Application Journey Pipelines

From the first website visit or initial application, applicants complete an online test. Telephone interviews are then conducted before a face-to-face interview, and then an offer of employment is made.

If the offer is accepted, applicants are moved to the employee onboarding pipeline.

If the offer is rejected, applicants are moved to a relevant nurture pipeline or silver medallist pipeline.


Employee Onboarding Pipelines

All applicants who accept an offer of employment are initially moved to the ‘New Hire 0 Days’ pipeline. Here they are sent automated emails with information to help them before they get started. Here are a list of all of the onboarding pipelines:

  • New Hire 0 Days
  • New Hire 30 Days
  • New Hire 60 Days
  • New Hire 90 days


Client Involvement

We require some involvement from our clients which include:

  • Weekly new candidate uploads
  • Pipeline movements during the customer journey stages to differentiate successful vs unsuccessful candidates (there is potential to automate via ATS integration)


Company Involvement

Here are a list of business areas of the company which will require to have some involvement during onboarding:

  • Recruitment/Resourcing Team/TA Team for customer journey tracking
  • Business unit leaders/stakeholders/HR for onboarding and feedback
  • Head of Employer Branding
  • Marketing for website responsibility 


Applicant Journey

At each stage of the application process successful candidates are sent a CSAT/Feedback survey. Here’s how that journey would look:

  • Congratulate the candidate on making it through to the next round 
  • Receive feedback on their application experience as a whole – the survey is tracked and anonymously reported (if required)
  • Unsuccessful applicants are either:
    • Moved to a relevant nurture pipeline
    • Deleted from system
    • Enrolled in marketing communications
  • Candidates who reach the ‘offer’ stage, (after having spoken with a recruiter) are sent necessary paperwork and an automated email offering congratulations, requesting they self-select if they will be accepting or declining the offer.
    • If the answer is ‘no’, they are sent an email asking if we can keep in touch. 
    • If the answer is ‘yes’, they are moved to the silver medallist or relevant nurture pipeline to be drip-fed company newsletters, exciting roles, information on company culture and events.
  • Candidates who accept are moved to the ‘New Hire 0 Days onboarding pipeline’. Here they are sent automated emails with information to help them before they get started such as:
    • Social committees they can join
    • Events
    • company benefits and perks
    • ‘A day in the life of’ videos relating to what it is like to work at the company
    • New start checklist
  • 30/45/60 days after entering this pipeline* (*variable to allow for standard notice period and a period of work in the role) employees are automatically moved to the ‘New Hire 30 days pipeline’ where they are sent an automated survey with a form enquiring how their onboarding experience has been so far, with 1-10 scoring and suggested improvements. Any scores below a certain threshold can be flagged (anonymously or not, as requested) so this can be rectified by business units to avoid employee churn. All feedback can again be anonymised if required and reported weekly/monthly/quarterly to appropriate parties. Within this campaign clients are also encouraged to send helpful instructional content via email such as ‘how to book a holiday’, ‘how to log an IT ticket’ etc. These are all automated via a campaign with Candidate.ID.

  • 30 days after entering this pipeline employees are moved to ‘New Hire 60 days pipeline’ where they are sent:
    • The survey as above, which can be flagged, anonymised and reported on
  • 30 days after this, they are moved to ‘New Hire 90 days pipeline’ where they are sent:
    • A final survey
    • Links to various company resources
    • Given an email address to send any additional feedback to

These employees now complete their final campaign and can be moved to an ‘internal comms’ pipeline for further content to be shared as and when (which is good for developing the brand internally, encouraging internal mobility, yearly/quarterly CSAT surveys etc), or they will be deleted from the database.

By using an automated onboarding process, new hires can spend less time buried under paperwork and better use their time towards understanding the organisational values, exploring the workplace, and making new friends. 

If you’d like to learn more about offering a smoother onboarding programme for new employees, get in touch with our Customer Success Director, Christine Black at christine.black@candidateid.com

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