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How To Recruit Top Candidates Quickly

24.06.21 | Talent Acquisition

“Can everyone come to the Atrium at 4pm, we’ve got some great news to share! We’ve won a massive new global contract..”

Whilst the prosecco grows warm in the bottom of a plastic cup, the Talent Team slope off to shudder behind their machines. A new contract has been won on the latest thinking, slickest delivery, most personable client servicing. Requiring the best people out there. For In-house teams, these rapid-response recruiting scenarios are part of the fabric of today’s talent acquisition landscape that we must build into our strategy.

A well-managed ATS system alone will not deliver the best results in recruiting, much data will be historic requiring time-consuming cleansing. Even when just one mission-critical person hands in their notice, it’s so satisfying to be on the front foot with quality candidates, alleviating manager panic and ensuring minimum impact on delivery.

So much of the knowledge we need to put ourselves in a more proactive position already exists within the recruiting team.

A 3 staged approach will help you do this.


Our day to day experience means we already know where we have difficulty hiring, where the hot spots around retention are and which roles are essential for the future. Normally I find there are significant areas of overlap between these 3 areas. Are your mid-level managers always being headhunted? Do Data Analysts take a long time to find? Are more Female Leaders key to the company’s future?  In the past decade, I have worked in tech, digital and creative space. Developers, Data Analysts and Creatives are 3 of the top 10 most in-demand jobs in 2017. We always needed these people because everyone needs these people, they are the ones who made us competitive. Every business has these issues, where do yours lie?


Once you’ve identified the job roles, map out what you know about the drivers and habits of these people. This information is essential as in-demand individuals are much less likely to be searching for work and responding to your adverts, you need to go to them. What are the subjects most relevant to their career development? Outside of work what makes them tick and what kind of culture do they enjoy working in? Ask the people who have been for an interview with you, ask them, people who apply to you, survey your past applicants. Get under the skin of these people.


Use these insights to work with your marketing team to create a content marketing plan targeted at these individuals. This sounds daunting but nearly all the content you need to do this will already exist within your organisation. Work with your influencers and internal thought leaders, use their content and the content already being shared via your company’s marketing channels, edit this around the key drivers for each target group. This isn’t about role advertising but awareness, placing your business as an employer of consideration in the minds of those you are targeting. So that when the job opportunity comes that you want to talk to them about, they will be already aware and responsive to your messages and engaged with your views.

Despite the pressure that business-critical recruitment brings it is in these situations that In-house teams have an opportunity to gain massive credibility by being both ahead of the issue and delivering the best quality candidates. Embracing and planning for these situations enables us to move from a ‘take the pain away’ function to a ‘partner with me’ group of experts with a real impact to make on the future success of the business.

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