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How to Turn Cold Candidates to “Hire-Ready” with Marketing Automation 

18.07.22 | Candidate Engagement, Candidate Experience, Candidate Nurture, Talent Pipeline Automation

Companies across the globe are seeing their employees move from one job to the next in search of the perfect opportunity – economists are referring to it as “The Great Resignation”. Some say it’s due to the rising cost of living, others believe it’s attributed to remote working but whatever the reason, employers are looking for new tools, technologies and systems to find, recruit and retain top talent within their teams. This is where Candidate.ID comes in.  

Keep reading for our handy guide on using marketing automation to engage your current database, and turn cold candidates into “hire-ready” talent.  

Turning a talent pool into a talent pipeline  

Since the invention of the CRM, organisations have spent years searching for candidates, collecting CV’s and building talent pools of email addresses. But the truth is, many have no idea how to utilise this data, opting to continue searching for new talent.  

Just imagine if you could use this pool of candidates and turn it into an engaged pipeline of top talent at your fingertips. Candidate.ID is the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition letting you know which candidates are cold, warm and “hire-ready”.  

What are cold, warm and “hire-ready” candidates? 

Using trackable links, Candidate.ID tracks candidates’ clicks across a company’s entire digital footprint. Each candidate is then assigned an “engagement score” based on each of their interactions. This is how Candidate.ID assesses which candidates are cold, warm and “hire-ready”.  

To other talent acquisition technologies, John and Jane have both opened an email. To Candidate.ID, Jane is an engaged candidate ready for a hiring conversation, whilst John is unengaged. 

7 ways to turn cold candidates to “hire-ready”

1. Nurture is everything  

Put simply, candidate nurture is the process of engaging a candidate throughout the recruitment journey. To truly nurture your candidates, you must ensure that the content they are receiving is relevant to them. But how do you do this? With 3.8 sextillion marketing workflows, Candidate.ID is the only talent acquisition technology that can automate your messaging, personalised and at scale. By personalising content to each of your candidates, it is guaranteed to engage your database. Candidates want meaningful content that is relevant to them, otherwise they will switch off – this is why personalisation is so important.  

2. Automate actions  

Candidate.ID offers the ability to automate actions based on how your candidates have interacted in the past. For instance, an action can be set up so that every time a candidate clicks on your job board, they start receiving relevant company content about working with you. By personalising actions, you can ensure that your candidates are receiving the content they want to view.  

3. Set up instant recruiter alerts 

Did you know that the best candidates only stay on the market for 10 days? This is why recruiters need to be notified as soon as a candidate is “hire-ready”. With Candidate.ID, you can simply add a step that sends a notification to the recruiter the moment someone hits the “hire-ready” threshold. Ensuring rapid outreach when a candidate becomes qualified with automatic task notifications means that no candidate is missed.  

4. Wake the dead  

One of the most important aspects of engaging your candidate database is ensuring that you have correct, and up-to-date information. There’s no point in spending your valuable time creating personaiised content to send to your database if your contacts have changed job title, company or location. This is why we always suggest running a “wake the dead” campaign so your contacts have the opportunity to update their details and receive content tailored to them.  

5. Maintain a healthy database  

In order to keep your email database healthy and engaged, it’s imperative that you remove all inactive email addresses. A wake the dead campaign will show you which candidates are active and engaged in your messaging, allowing you to purge those inactive emails. Most organisations classify an inactive email address differently. Whether it’s been 3, 6 or 12 months since a candidate last interacted with your content, eliminate them from the database so you can focus on candidates who are interested in what you have to say.  

6. Prioritise candidate engagement 

When deciding on the engagement score for each action, it is so important that you prioritise characteristics that indicate a readiness to talk. Identifying the characteristics of your best candidates and the most likely triggers that enable you to get a conversation going allows you to prioritise the most important actions to score in the candidate scoring model. Once you have candidate scoring in place you can continuously tell which candidates are most interested, or “hire-ready” in real-time. 

7. Make sure to iterate 

In any campaign, it’s so important to make sure you are assessing what works and what doesn’t. And a nurture campaign is no different. Throughout the campaign, report on stats like click-throughs and open rates to assess which content your candidates enjoy the most, which subject lines work and the tone of voice your candidates relate to. A nurture campaign can be ongoing, so this means iteration is critical.  

Are your candidates cold, warm or “hire-ready”? 

Turning cold candidates into “hire-ready” talent isn’t always easy, but with Candidate.ID it can be. Cut down on manual admin time, increase engagement of your current database and double the number of hires per recruiter with Candidate.ID.  

Book a demo now to find out everything you need to know about marketing automation for talent acquisition. We are always happy to chat.  

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