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iCIMS use Candidate.ID to Nurture Interns from Student, Graduate to Hire 

27.10.22 | News

In April this year, the iCIMS talent cloud acquired Candidate.ID, the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition. Not only are iCIMS customers realising the true potential of recruitment marketing automation, iCIMS is also using it to attract and engage in-demand talent.  

Keep reading to find out how iCIMS is using marketing automation within its talent acquisition strategy to drive hiring efforts and nurture interns from student, graduate to hire.

About iCIMS  

iCIMS is the world’s leading talent cloud empowering organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance the right talent. ICIMS is an all-in-one hiring platform for every stage of the hiring process. As an iCIMS company, Candidate.ID is leading the way forward in terms of talent acquisition for marketing automation.  

Inbound sourcing with marketing automation   

iCIMS has been using Candidate.ID to not only nurture existing candidates within its database, but to engage net new candidates who are joining the talent community. More specifically, iCIMS is using marketing automation to nurture alumni employees who have left the organization and employees who have previously undertaken an internship at iCIMS.  

In a competitive labour market, engaging with employees who have left your organisation is a key strategy in recruiting top talent. Using trackable links and engagement scores, Candidate.ID allows iCIMS to tailor recruitment messaging on how a candidate has interacted in the past. This engages candidates throughout the recruitment journey as they are receiving content which is meaningful to them.  

Additionally, iCIMS has been using Candidate.ID to build engaged pipelines of candidates sourced from its careers site. Each department on iCIMS careers site hosts a Candidate.ID landing page to join the talent community. Once entering their details, candidates are automatically segmented based on their form answers and are sent on a personalised nurture campaign. With Candidate.ID, turn an unengaged talent pool into a defined pipeline of in-demand talent.  

The results of marketing automation  

Using Candidate.ID, ICIMS’ has proved successful in engaging both new candidates and existing talent within its database. From iCIMS’ career site 209 new candidates were added into the database, receiving communications personalized to their interests.  

ICIMS’ alumni campaign had an average open rate of 84%, and its intern campaign received an average open rate of 81% with 130 new form fills.  

ICIMS is engaging candidates in its employer brand using recruitment marketing automation. Creating a nurtured pipeline of top candidates cuts time to shortlist and increases the number of hires per recruiter.  

Solve your recruitment challenges with marketing automation  

Candidate.ID is the only talent acquisition technology that lets you know which candidates are cold, warm and “hire-ready” in real-time. Book a demo now to discover you can solve your recruitment obstacles with marketing automation.  

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