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Candidate.ID vs Beamery.
Discover what we can do that no other recruitment technology can.

Candidate.ID has one super-power no other recruitment technology is able to claim; we can track and score each candidate's clicks around your digital assets.

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The Most Common Applications of Marketing Automation

Today’s market is saturated with recruitment technology, so picking the correct solution for your business may feel like a daunting task. In this blog, we will look at the typical applications for marketing automation within recruitment which might make the choice much simpler.


The Future of Marketing Automation Technology in Recruitment

Marketing automation is feature-rich software that drives faster and better hiring by helping employers automate all the repetitive manual tasks. Why is it so hot right now and what does the future look like?


7 Signs You Need to Graduate From Recruitment CRM

If you’re looking to create broad, static talent pools and send out monthly newsletters with minimal personalisation and tracking, a recruitment CRM is fine. But if you’re looking for something more sophisticated, a recruitment CRM is unlikely to meet your needs.

Poor Kevin.

Always working himself to the bone.


He starts early, leaves late and stresses his way through life. We don’t want to see any recruiter working as hard as Kevin. We want to see them working efficiently. At Candidate.ID, we can help you transform your talent acquisition strategy, saving you time and increasing your productivity.


Don’t be like Kevin.


Using Marketing Automation to Future-Proof Your Business

Hiring for the future is becoming an ever more popular strategy with employers and recruiters looking at long-term solutions to their recruitment obstacles. Read this article to learn more about the ways we've been helping our customers in the early careers space. 


How to Generate Content Your Talent Pipeline Wants

The problem many talent acquisition teams face is that they get stuck at what content they should be putting into emails to engage with candidates in their talent pipelines. This short blog is going to help you navigate your way through this common problem. 


Our Current Integrations Including SAP SuccessFactors

Our integrations include SAP SuccessFactors, SmartRecruiters, JobAdder, Greenhouse and many more.

These integrations have been enabling more connectivity for our customers, whilst offering them a huge competitive advantage.

Having introduced the world’s first marketing automation platform specifically developed for recruitment, Candidate.ID has become a core talent acquisition system for employers hiring ‘in-demand talent’.


This eBook, written for talent acquisition specialists, will take you through how leading employers have deployed marketing automation, the benefits they are realising and how you can also achieve success. 

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