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Measuring Source of Hire

09.07.21 | Talent Pipeline Automation

It is people who visit your website, your careers pages, your social media channels, your office, your advertising.

Those people may then become applicants.

Those applicants may then become candidates.

Those candidates may then become employees – or people again.

You may use existing tools to know the journey that people, applicants, and employees take – but you also want to know the return on investment of the channels that you use like:

  • Time spending building attraction and conversion campaigns
  • Your advertising spend
  • Your job board spend
  • Sourcing efforts

If you are using a normal recruitment software product, then your source of hire data – the information that you use to work our the return on investment on those channels – is probably wrong. It will be wrong because it uses single-source attribution. This model assigns all the credit to one event, such as the last click. In recruitment, this is normally the job board that takes the candidate to the job page on your company website.

Single source attribution ignores all other events. In recruitment, this means that company website visits, conversations with recruiters, events, and many other channels are ignored.

A talent lead generation platform like Candidate.ID allows you to view the entire journey that each candidate takes. This means that you can attribute the last event but also every other trackable event in the journey, giving you the ability for the first time to allocate credit to channels other than the last click.

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