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Mott MacDonald: Going from good to great with their global talent pipelines

14.07.21 | News

Mott MacDonald is a global engineering, management and development consultancy. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, MottMac employs 16,000 staff in 150 countries and is one of the largest employee-owned companies in the world. It was established in 1989 by the merger of Mott, Hay and Anderson with Sir M MacDonald & Partners.

Mott MacDonald previously ran a very traditional and reactive recruitment model. They began using Candidate.ID in 2020 to go from good talent acquisition to great talent acquisition; to effectively manage their candidate pipelines to improve their key business metrics and to build upon the previous year’s successes after a restructuring of the team. This change in focus has enabled them to reduce agency spend considerably, time-to-acceptance by 50% and increased direct sourcing 10-fold.

Mott MacDonald’s core aims for Candidate.ID centred around pipelining for talent lead generation, particularly engineers who are in high demand. They required a system to effectively manage these candidate pipelines, giving a clear and real-time overview of how cold, warm or ‘hire-ready’ each candidate is. Being able to do this alongside managing both inbound and outbound communication in one platform that allows long term and dynamic candidate nurturing via email, landing pages and the website had obvious benefits.

In using Candidate.ID, during 2020, Mott MacDonald were able to engage with between 47.5% and as many as 77% of their ~25k talent pipeline each month. Regular touchpoints with passive candidates allow a rich scoring and engagement profile to build up over time and based on these engagements, candidates automatically segment as cold, warm or ‘hire-ready’.

This means recruiters always have a warm bench of candidates when a role needs to be filled. This bench can be filtered by skills, actions and engagement score – which is built up based on all touch points such as form fills, email opens, clicks, web page visits or using Candidate.ID tracked links anywhere on the web.

By using Candidate.ID to regularly send communication to all candidates, not just those who might be suitable for an open position, Mott MacDonald has a healthy sustainable pool of candidates who will be more receptive to contact from recruiters and the numbers speak for themselves. In addition to their 77% active candidate database, on average Mott MacDonald email communications see a 71.8% email open rate, 33% click-through rate, 24% unique click-through rate and 44.5% click-to-open rate, heads and shoulders above industry averages.

The seamless and on-brand integration of Candidate.ID forms on the Mott MacDonald homepage and Candidate.ID-built landing pages have also allowed the team to significantly increase the volume of candidates opted-in to receive recruitment email content. Through the use of Candidate.ID these potential candidates are then automatically moved into nurture campaigns based on information supplied in the forms. This resulted in 5170 new candidates during 2020 (~25% of their Candidate.ID database) who regularly consume Mott MacDonald communications – automatically moving through the cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’ stages the more they engage with brand content.

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