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Newton Europe Embrace Candidate.ID To Track Candidate Engagement at Scale

21.04.22 | News

Fuelled by the fundamental belief that even the best organisations can be better, Newton Europe is a UK-based specialist in operational improvement. Founded in 2001, Newton Europe crack some of the largest and most complex challenges in the public and private sectors by pinpointing and implementing changes that will create immense impact in organisations. 

Read on to find out how Newton Europe is using marketing automation to transform its talent acquisition strategy. 

Why is Newton Europe using Candidate.ID?

Working with Candidate.ID, Newton Europe plans to integrate a measurable and trackable success platform all the way from marketing to the recruitment of a candidate. Prior to Candidate.ID, Newton had the ability to nurture candidates but what they were missing out on with their current CRM was the ability to track and assess candidate engagement. Using engagement scoring and trackable links, Candidate.ID allows Newton Europe the ability to discover which candidates are cold, warm and “hire-ready” in real time. Candidate.ID is the only talent acquisition technology which allows you to automate your messaging personalised, and at scale all whilst tracking candidate engagement. 

How is Newton Europe using the platform?

One of Newton Europe’s key priorities is to create engaged pipelines of those in the early stages of their careers, specifically graduates. Newton has built an in-depth database of graduates. The next step is to not only engage these candidates, but actually assess which candidates are interested or “hire-ready”. Furthermore, Newton Europe is using Candidate.ID to tailor recruitment messaging based on how a candidate interacts, optimising content downloads and views. 

The Objectives

  • Build a trackable and scalable campaign that drives hiring conversations. 
  • Create engaged pipelines of in-demand top talent. 
  • Improve overall business metrics for talent acquisition, including; increasing the number of hires per recruiter, and cutting down on time and cost per hire.

Ryan McFeeley, Customer Success Manager

“I’m delighted to be working with Newton Europe on their campaign to drive hiring conversions, and I am certain that Candidate.ID is the perfect fit to provide the results that they are looking for. 

“Candidate.ID offers Newton the ability to track candidate engagement at scale which is like no other talent acquisition technology out there. I am really passionate that marketing automation is the future of TA – I can’t wait to watch Newton Europe’s talent acquisition strategy thrive with marketing automation”. 

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