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The Power of Marketing Automation in CityFibre’s Talent Acquisition Strategy

21.03.22 | News

About CityFibre   

Founded with the vision to build a new generation of Full Fibre infrastructure for the UK, CityFibre is the UK’s largest and finest independent Full Fibre platform. CityFibre’s high quality digital infrastructure enables their wholesale customers to provide ultra-reliable, gigabit speed broadband, ethernet and 5G services to homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and GP surgeries.  

Why is CityFibre using Candidate.ID?

With the power of automation, CityFibre is using Candidate.ID to build engaged talent pipelines, not only for active vacancies but to drive candidates through to its coveted skills academies. By utilising incoming candidates and their current database, CityFibre is able to proactively nurture candidates through every stage of their career – crucially, those that are ready to attend a skills academy. These candidates are identified as either a new or existing employee looking to train or retrain. Marketing automation is pivotal in this process, streamlining CityFibre’s entire talent acquisition strategy, and removing the need for long processes and manual communications – without compromising on personalisation.  Candidate.ID is the only talent acquisition technology that will automates messaging, personalised and at scale. Using Candidate.ID, CityFibre’s talent acquisition model of nurture alleviates the need to constantly find new talent, ultimately reducing time and cost to hire, whilst creating a pipeline of new recruits that are highly qualified with the core skills needed for the role. 

The Objectives

By nurturing candidates throughout the recruitment process CityFibre has been using marketing automation to engage professionals such as Quantity Surveyors and Build Partners. Going forward they plan to expand into new hiring areas such as Project Management, Network Planning and Build Assurance. Alongside building an engaged pipeline of in-demand talent, one of the main objectives of this campaign is to reduce time to hire per recruiter and improve recruitment effectiveness across the company.

  • Build engaged talent pipelines in order to future proof their talent acquisition strategy. 
  • Improve recruitment operational effectiveness and cost effectiveness at scale, including reducing time to hire and increasing the number of hires per recruiter. .
  • Identify reskill opportunities across the company, assessing development opportunities for existing employees.

Ryan McFeeley, Customer Success Manager- 

“CityFibre is a really engaging campaign to work on. They love the fact that Candidate.ID can automatically identify and sort candidates into relevant categories for progression, with recruiters being able to then move them back into Smart Recruiters once the relevant nurture has taken place. 

“We like to refer to CityFibre as ‘The Masters of Automation’ – they really are maximising the use of marketing automation with their talent acquisition strategy. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for CityFibre.”

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