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Pyramid Global Hospitality Takes on Candidate.ID to Cut Down on Time to Hire 

23.09.22 | News

As the world’s first marketing automation technology for talent acquisition, Candidate.ID is transforming talent acquisition strategies across the globe. Pyramid Global Hospitality recently jumped on the bandwagon, adding to our fast-growing list of hospitality customers.  

Keep reading to find out about our customer and how Candidate.ID is helping solve the hospitality’s talent acquisition obstacles.  

Pyramid Global Hospitality 

With a history of recognised excellence, Pyramid Global Hospitality invests in the tools needed to transform the hotel experience and deliver dynamic financial results to partners and hotel owners.  

Across the hospitality sector, organisations are facing acute skills shortages. This means taking a transformative approach to talent acquisition. Pyramid Global Hospitality is implementing marketing automation technology within its talent acquisition strategy to drive hiring activates whilst cutting down on time to hire.  

How can marketing automation help?  

Our customer plans on using marketing automation for both recruiting hard-to-fill roles and futureproofing its organisation through the early careers market. By building engaged pipelines of in-demand talent Pyramid Global Hospitality has the ability to target candidates in different stages of their career. Candidate.ID is the only talent acquisition technology with billions of marketing workflows, offering our customers true personalisation at scale.  

Ryan McFeeley, Customer Success Manager-  

“As we all know, global skills shortages are affecting organisations everywhere. Pyramid Global Hospitality is taking monumental strides in transforming their approach to talent acquisition.  

“This is a really exciting customer to work with as they are brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to see the results of marketing automation for them” 

Discover top hospitality talent with marketing automation  

Are you looking to double the number of hires per recruiter for hard-to-fill hospitality roles? Obstacles in talent acquisition aren’t always easy to overcome but with the right technology they can be.  

Book a demo with a member of the Candidate.ID now to find out how you can transform your talent acquisition strategy with marketing automation.  

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