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Salary Surveys – the Ultimate Engagement Content?

13.07.21 | News

In order to truly understand what makes a company a great place to work, it’s important to explore, evaluate, and improve many different aspects of the employee experience. This includes how satisfied employees are with their pay and benefits. Regardless of whether employees say that pay is not their top priority, they will always be keen to find out what they are worth, and how their salary compares to their peers.

These types of reports take time but are worth the investment. Producing a report on your findings from a salary survey can provide you with some great content to drive engagement. Glassdoor has used this tactic as a successful growth hack for a number of years.

You can use your existing database of known contacts to capture the data. You may even wish to incentivise the people you are asking to complete the survey. This information is best gathered via a nurture programme, or perhaps by using the data you capture during your existing recruitment process (depending on your privacy policy).

The questions asked must be specific and include information on the role, grade and location as well as breaking it into salary ranges and detailing specific benefits. This will allow you to segment the results.

Once you’ve gathered all the relevant data you may choose to publish it as a report online, or perhaps even with its own website. But the most important thing is ensuring you are capturing the data of those requesting the report.

Most importantly, don’t steal data from other reports and don’t make the results up. The report will only become worthless if you do.

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