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Specsavers using Candidate.ID to fill some of the toughest roles in Europe

14.07.21 | News

Specsavers began more than 35 years ago with the vision of two optometrists, Doug and Mary Perkins, who set out to provide best-value eye care to everybody. Specsavers is the largest privately-owned optical group in the world, with 37,000 employees delivering high-quality, affordable optical and hearing care in 10 countries.

In the UK & Ireland, Specsavers has 30,000 employees and makes circa 3,000 hires per annum, with locum hires and placements on top of this. The breakdown of these hires is as follows:

– 33% Clinical (1,000) – degree qualified (optometrists, opticians, audiologists)
– 67% Non-Clinical (2,000) – optical assistants (retail), apprentices and trainees

They have a recruitment team of 60 with a number of talent acquisition challenges. Approximately 40% of the roles they are hiring for are ‘in-demand talent’ – hard to fill roles / hard to fill locations. Optometrists are the hardest people in Europe to hire according to Indeed. These candidates aren’t on CV databases, they aren’t looking at job adverts and they don’t go on LinkedIn. Any career move is a “considered decision” and they will spend months researching potential employers across multiple touchpoints, but when they do decide to make a move, they move fast, with the best candidates being off the market exceptionally quickly.

Until recently the recruitment approach has been traditional and fairly manual, reacting to applications that come via advertising, strong social media presence, excellent communications, specialist job boards, plus a good referral programme. They spent a lot of time in 2020 building their database and their 2021 focus is going from good to great – sharpening up, deploying better tooling and putting Candidate.ID in the hands of all recruiters. They will use the marketing automation software to create dynamic talent pipelines and nurture campaigns which will in turn improve recruitment operational effectiveness and cost effectiveness, as well as the recruiters skillset.

They have 3 key objectives:

– Reduce average time to hire by 50% for in-demand talent
– Reduce average cost of hire by 50% for in-demand talent
– Increase hires per recruiter by 50%

All of this can be achieved by using Candidate.ID.

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