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Stay Ahead To Streamline Your Talent Acquisition Process

09.06.21 | Talent Acquisition

In many areas of the economy, competition for great talent has never been higher. Consequently, recruiting is often a race to be the first to get the best candidates. Hiring teams need to find the best candidates quickly, but there is more to recruitment success than simply speed off the mark. You need a spot on recruiting process.

Make Applying Candidate-Friendly

An in-demand candidate can pick and choose, so if a company’s application process is time-consuming (or inaccessible due to broken links/poor design), there’s a good chance they won’t apply. What candidates want is a transparent, simple process that doesn’t ask too much in the initial stages, especially as many candidates today are applying on mobile. In other words, your recruitment website needs to be well-designed, responsive, easy to navigate and with an application interface that doesn’t put people off.  You’d think this was obvious but in a poll by The Forum For In-House Recruitment Managers, a shocking 54% of those surveyed said that their website was poorly optimised for mobile.

Speed It Up

Efficiency is the key. At the moment, 51% of all hiring is conducted within 4-8 weeks and 34% takes a damaging 8-12 weeks. Popular candidates won’t wait around for companies to send paperwork, even electronic paperwork: they’ve already got other offers on the table. Hiring teams should analyse their processes from start to finish for any weak links and also consider whether their existing technology is a help or a hindrance.  

Embrace Great Technology

Hiring teams need the very best technology that can cater for all their recruitment needs. With Talent Pooling and Talent Pipelining software and a content marketing strategy to nurture and engage with passive and active candidates, they can make hiring more efficient and successful. Whatever system you have, it’s vital to ensure that it has everything you need in one place and that there is no need to spend time logging in and out of different channels and software to get the job done.

Be Irresistible

The best candidates are interested in companies that offer new, more interesting work, align with their values and encourage them to reach their potential. Companies should have a well-established employer brand that demonstrates authenticity and portrays everything that is good about the work environment and business culture.

Following these steps will help hiring teams to make their recruiting process more efficient, more successful and, ultimately, ensure that it’s you, and not the competition, that wins the race to get the best candidates.

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