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TalentTalk: The Big Employer Brand Argument

08.07.21 | Employer Branding

On this week’s TalentTalk Adam was joined by Craig Fisher (Head of Marketing, Employer Branding SME at Allegis Global Solutions), Neil Daly (Employer Brand and EVP Manager at EDF Energy), Josh Worth (Recruitment Marketing and Talent Brand Manager at Capgemini), Maury Hanigan (CEO, SparcStart), Jess McGuinness (European Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Lead at IBM) and Helen Durkin (Talent Marketing Manager at Sage) Adam put forward the motion and the argument that all employer brand activity should be linked to placements. It was a great session with plenty of interesting and thought provoking views.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the show:

– Employer brand is a piece of recruitment marketing. It can be measured to an extent in the same way as brand or consumer marketing. You can measure views and clicks, but you can’t measure persuasion.

– Consumer expectation is having an impact on candidate experience and their expectations of a given company. There are lots of channels in recruitment marketing that can be tracked effectively, but there are other messages out there about employer brand that isn’t as trackable but could be having an impact.

– The measure of a really effective employer brand isn’t in the placement numbers. You can essentially get people in the door no matter what, but the real measurement is in the retention numbers NOT in placements. Is your employer brand accurate and is it effective? Your company needs to be a place where people want to stay.

– There are plenty of things you can measure but you can’t link directly to hires.

– Employer brand allows hiring managers to be more transparent. By showing hiring managers what you are putting out there, it can influence them to tell the right story to candidates.

– Employer brand doesn’t stop at the front door. You need to bring internal employees along on the journey.

– Any digital asset you use to tell the story of your organisation, should and can be tracked as to who clicks it.

– A lot of the role of employer brand needs to be internally focused. Hiring managers can make it or break it. Ultimately, you can sell the company but the candidates can turn up on the day and be disengaged and then they leave.

– There are 18 or 19 different sources that a candidate looks at before making a decision.

– Nowadays, candidates can now find out anything they want about an organisation online. As a result of this, they want to talk to recruiters less and less. They’ll only speak to a recruiter once they’ve made a decision if they want to work for that organisation.

– You need to be on the journey with the potential candidate. The content needs to be great but it also needs to be trackable; you need the statistics to back it up.

– A good employer brand should help keep numbers of applicants down, ensuring you get quality, not quantity.

Something to leave you with:

Someone has to see something 7 times before they take notice


Watch the full show below.

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