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The Best Approach When Competing for Top Talent

07.07.21 | Talent Acquisition

Today’s market is very much candidate driven.

The current job market is highly candidate driven, which makes it even more challenging for companies trying to secure top talent. As a result, companies need to start raising their game, if they want to be competitive. We are seeing a massive shift from the transactional recruitment, where talented in-house recruiters are spending their time mindlessly sifting through CV’s, to a focus on employer branding. With a strong employer brand and talent pipelines, recruiters can focus on building strong relationships with the candidates and selling the company, rather than just going through the motions. This is what you need to do if you really want to stay competitive in today’s market and get the very best talent through the door.

Build a Strong Brand

If you have a strong employer brand, recruitment becomes much easier. As CIPD put it, the employer brand is the qualities and attributes which make your organisation unique and special. It’s the culture of your organisation and the reason people want to work there. If you have happy employees, you’ll have good reviews, which helps keep your brand strong. Businesses should stop making the mistake of thinking that candidates are willing to take any role and that they are only interested in the package they are being offered. As many as 94% of candidates will take the time to find out as much as they can about a company before they decide whether to accept an offer. There are 41million job seekers looking at Glassdoor every month, so you need to get your brand right if you want candidates to apply to you. A positive journey during the recruitment process, together with a positive culture and brand are the ingredients for stronger hiring and increased retention. The focus should be on promoting your company, the culture and benefits you offer, rather than just selling the job.

Talent Pipelines

There are different types of candidates out there but unfortunately, most companies tend to focus solely on the active candidates who are just right for the job. This is really missing a trick and is the reason so many companies find it difficult to recruit top talent. According to the Aldermore Future Attitudes Report , 67% (over 3 million) small to medium-sized businesses are struggling to recruit talented staff and retain them. It is important that business leaders keep an open mind when they are recruiting. Instead of just focusing on active candidates who completely fit the brief, companies should look at those passive candidates who fit the bill but may need some persuasion to engage in conversation about the role. Let’s not forget the active and passive candidates who might not be right for the role but may be useful for the future. Companies who are not building talent pipelines are making life a lot more difficult for themselves. They are literally “flying by the seat of their pants” and not successful in most cases.

Focus on the Candidate

Forward-thinking organisations will focus on the potential of high-quality candidates, rather than just the job description. They will look at the benefits the candidates could bring to the business and be open to creating a role around them. They will build talent pipelines to fill future recruitment needs. In this way, they open a huge potential to finding great quality candidates who can drive the business forward. The job market is changing and with 1 in 20 job vacancies in the UK being unfilled for more than six months, it is time for business leaders to take action.

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