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The Future of Marketing Automation Technology in Recruitment

10.08.21 | Recruitment Marketing, Talent Acquisition, Talent Pipeline Automation

Marketing automation is feature-rich software that drives faster and better hiring by helping employers automate all the repetitive manual tasks and workflows for engaging candidates. At the same time as matching skills, plus tracking and scoring candidate interactions to serve up daily hot leads directly to recruiter inboxes.

Why is it so Hot Right Now?

Downward pressure on talent acquisition budgets and headcount means employers are continually striving for more efficiency and productivity throughout the entire recruitment process. They are looking at how to condense and improve the process, how to increase automation, to do more with less, to make recruiters more effective. Time spent cold contacting candidates is the most wasteful in recruitment and everyone wants to know how to eliminate it.

Competition for talent is also greater than ever and as candidates move overwhelmingly online, hiring has become ever more complex. Executive teams are also eager for recruitment analytics and other departments, such as business marketing, have proven that Recruitment can (and should) be measurable. 

If your CFO is scrutinising your value, there are three bullet-proof ways that marketing automation for recruitment will impress your C-Suite:

  1. It will save you time and money  
  2. It provides you with first access to in-demand talent
  3. It gives you the ability to measure and optimise recruiting investments  

When Should You Invest in Marketing Automation?

If your recruitment team is having issues hitting goals or you need to cut costs or improve productivity, it’s time to focus your efforts on developing a talent pipeline strategy and investing in marketing automation technology.

Here are some of the questions to ask yourself when considering if talent pipelining is right for you now:

  • Are your recruiters overwhelmed by the number of open vacancies they have?
  • Do your recruiters spend a considerable amount of their time on admin duties?
  • How much more productive would your team be if all your recruiters did all day was talk to people who wanted to work for you?
  • Are open vacancies sitting unfilled for long periods of time?
  • Is your average time to hire above the benchmark for companies in your industry?
  • Do you have a proven strategy that you would like to scale?

The Future of Marketing Automation

The future of marketing automation technology in recruitment is already here and it is extremely exciting. Today, Candidate.ID is already recording the metadata from millions of daily insights from candidates’ interactions with employers, enabling us to build multiple machine learning-powered enhancements such as job and content recommendation engines, and out-of-the-box role-specific self-building engagement campaigns. For example, for software engineers we have developed optimised attraction and conversion campaigns that build themselves. Here are just some of the features available today:

  • Dynamic candidate profiles that activate static databases into talent pools and talent pipelines.
  • Out-of-the-box optimised engagement campaigns that tailor the candidate experience to fit the role and the candidate(s).
  • Automated vacancy recommendations based on the candidate data profile – people who liked this job also liked these…
  • Automated content recommendations based on candidate interactions – people who liked this content also liked these…
  • Minimising lost candidates at the application stage because the ATS application process sucks – automated nudge conversion campaigns.
  • Predictive scoring – reliably determining candidates most likely to convert to quality hires.
  • Predictive analytics – data driven insights to benefit recruiters and managers and to help pinpoint by role what converts your ‘ideal candidate profile’.


More Than Technology

Marketing automation technology in recruitment makes the process of engagement campaign creation a whole lot more intentional. Recruiters are no longer blasting candidates with cold calls and emails in the hope of creating interest. Instead, measurable goals are set, candidate data are collected, analysed, and used to tailor messages based on their interests and the content with which they are interacting. Recruiters are able to provide proof of their contribution to business goals.

Why should the process of choosing a marketing automation platform for recruitment be any less intentional?

Choosing the right platform is an important decision. Not only is it a significant investment in time and resources, but the solution you choose will have a major impact on the daily activities of your sourcers, recruiters and marketers. It’s really important to go into the process of selecting the right vendor with a clear understanding of your goals and priorities. 

Marketing automation will change your life. By restructuring your team for the better, automating nurture, magnetising hire-ready prospects, and eliminating wasted time and saving money, your organisation’s recruiting performance will soar to new heights – something, we’re sure, your CEO, CFO and CPO will notice!

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