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The Main Areas That Pipeline Automation Enhances

09.07.21 | Talent Pipeline Automation

According to Entelo’s 2019 Recruiting Automation Trends Report, 75% of recruiters say technology will play a larger role in their companies hiring process in 2019. Pipeline automation technology brings a lot of opportunities to talent acquisition professionals. On top of saving them time and money, there are a number of areas that it enhances.

Candidate Sourcing

You are able to identify ‘hire-ready’ talent up to 50% faster when the vacancy goes live because the candidate’s real-time engagement score allows you to filter your database. Because your recruiters know precisely each candidate’s journey around your careers site, landing pages and social media, they have a script; they know what to say to each candidate in order to build goodwill and generate a 1:1 conversation quickly.

Candidate Engagement

You are able to serve each person in your candidate database a superior personalised experience because pipeline automation knows each person’s preferences for content formats, channels, subjects and reception times. Each candidate’s interaction with emails, SMS, social media, landing pages, careers site and elsewhere is individually scored.

The candidate journey is changing as people are becoming more self-educated, and all the information about an organisation is out there for us to find.

Knowing which candidate to call first based on their engagement is a major advantage. For example, based on Jane and John’s journey, who would you call first?

Take a look at this blog where we took a look at what actually drives candidate engagement.

Employer Brand

With pipeline automation, you receive instant feedback on your employer branding initiatives based on what interests candidates most and what generates less interest and can therefore constantly improve performance. We know from our data that candidates don’t want to see your job descriptions, they want content that helps them with their careers.

These days, good candidates know what they can get. They are not willing to undervalue themselves as they know there are plenty of opportunities out there. They are no longer chasing the money, they want to work in a role with a company they like, a company who will help them progress their career and who have a positive culture.

The job of the recruiter is not just about selling the job to the candidates anymore – it’s about promoting the brand. A strong brand will help you to not only hire talented people into your organisation but to retain them, which ultimately makes life a lot easier for any business leaders.

GDPR Compliance

This is achieved simply, when you are able to prove you have an ongoing relationship with candidates and your pipeline automation suppresses or deletes each person’s record after a defined period of inactivity. Many recruiters think that they have to delete their entire database, but this is simply not the case.

At Candidate.ID, we view GDPR as a tremendous opportunity for recruitment to develop deeper, more trusted relationships with the talent you want to attract and hire into your business.

Recruitment Analytics

You know precisely which content channels, formats, subjects, days of the week and times of the day are best performing, segmented by locations, job families and more, using pipeline automation. This is essential in order to really determine which prospective candidates are cold, warm and ‘hire-ready’.

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