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The Nurture Podcast: Episode 10

13.05.21 | Employer Branding

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Episode 9: William Tincup, Adam Gordon and Scot McRae – Employer Branding





In this episode of The Nurture Podcast, Scot is joined by William Tincup, President of RecruitingDaily.com, and Candidate.ID Co-founder, Adam Gordon.





As a subject close to Adam’s heart, he starts off by giving his views on employer branding: “In 2020, no one is interested in an employer brand – they don’t think it’s authentic and they don’t trust it”. He suggests that every Fortune 500 company over prioritises employer branding.





William agrees with part of this and suggests that a great brand does both things – attracts and repels.





Adam then poses the question: “Is recruitment marketing a tactical implementation of employer branding or is employer branding one facet of overall recruitment marketing?”





In response to this, Scot suggests that employer branding is part of the bigger recruitment marketing exercise.





“Talent acquisition is made up of 3 components: sourcing, marketing, and hiring”, explains William.





They touch briefly on the topic of automation and William explains that we don’t need to fear it, we need to embrace it.





Tune in to the episode in full using one of the links below:









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PS. If you missed episode 9 with Gerry Crispin, you can listen in here.










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