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The Nurture Podcast: Episode 11

09.07.21 | Talent Acquisition

Episode 11: Embedded Talent Models

In episode 11 of The Nurture Podcast, Scot is joined by Martin Dangerfield, Neil Harrison, and Joel Trickett from the consulting firm, DANGERFIELD.

They discuss embedded talent models. Scot poses the question “why embedded talent models?”.

Martin suggests that people are stuck in the models they’ve always had, and people have found that hiring themselves is not as easy as they thought it would be. Embedded talent models bring in specialist skill sets that some teams are missing. For example, Neil is a brand expert and Joel has experience managing large teams.

By using embedded talent models you can also collect all candidates along the way, rather than an agency providing their top 3 candidates.

They also discuss:

  • Unemployment and people’s misconceptions of unemployment rates and the global marketplace
  • Employer brand – what message do we need to take to the talent marketplace? What’s the why and the where?
  • Candidate experience – what do candidates want from the whole process?
  • Where does the embedded talent model work best?
  • What are the different models?

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PS. If you missed episode 10 on the topic of employer branding, you can listen in here.

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