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The Nurture Podcast: Episode 12

09.07.21 | Candidate Nurture

Episode 12: Candidate Engagement – What can we Learn from Consumer Marketing?

In episode 12 of The Nurture Podcast, Scot is joined by Graham Thornton, Co-Founder of recruitment marketing agency, Change State.

They discuss candidate engagement and what we can learn from consumer marketing.

Graham shares with us what we can learn:

  1. Knowing your metrics – where are you getting value for your money?
  2. Hyper personalisation of engagement with candidates – consumers do this very well.
  3. Create a better experience. People want to hear back if they apply for a job. Consumers do this well with those who want to purchase.

Scot asks what Graham thinks is changing in recruitment to get better in all of these areas. Graham suggests that unemployment is getting lower, so candidates have more options when it comes to jobs. The tech marketplace also offers help with personalisation and candidate experience.

Scot adds that he feels that recruitment’s inbound focus is on applications, and their outbound focus is on sourcing. Consumer is more focused on inbound and recruitment needs more systems. He states that recruitment has that “keep going until we get what we need” mentality which you can’t do in consumer marketing.

Graham gives us his closing thoughts:

  1. Know your metrics
  2. Try to create a frictionless experience
  3. Build and understand your employer brand

Listen in to the episode using one of the links below:

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PS. If you missed episode 11 on the topic of embedded talent models, you can listen in here.

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