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The Nurture Podcast: Episode 5

08.07.21 | Talent Pipeline Automation

 Episode 5: Bill Boorman & Scot McRae – Recruitment Automation: Human vs Computer Algorithms

In episode 5, Scot is joined by Bill Boorman as they discuss recruitment automation.

Bill starts by sharing his definition of recruitment automation:

“Any human activity in which a machine can operate the process”.

However, he suggests that what we can’t replace in the human is ‘gut feeling’.

Companies want to hire the best candidates that they can hire, but Scot and Bill both agree that they don’t believe in passive candidates.

Bill suggests that people are fearful of technology through the fear of being replaced.

He rounds off by saying that you must make sure your data is clean with no bias as this will determine if you will be successful with your recruitment or not.

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PS. If you missed episode 4, you can listen in here

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