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The Nurture Podcast: William Tincup & Scot McRae – Make Recruiting Effective

08.07.21 | Candidate Nurture

The Nurture Podcast

We recently announced on social media the launch of our first official podcast called The Nurture Podcast.

In each episode, our Co-Founder, Scot McRae, will be joined by industry experts and thought leaders to discuss a variety of recruitment and recruitment marketing related topics. They’ll be sharing their insights and knowledge to help enable you to learn something new.

Episode 3: Make Recruiting Effective

Recruitment has been ineffective for decades. What can we do to make it effective?

In the third episode of The Nurture Podcast, Scot is joined again by William Tincup, President of RecruitingDaily.com.

They discuss:

  • Millennials and their expectations when it comes to recruitment
  • The difference between Gen X and Millennials
  • What is making recruitment ineffective and why
  • Candidate experience and getting that right
  • The strategic approach to talent acquisition
  • Dirty data and the inefficiencies that this brings
  • People – teams are ineffective in the way they work together and communicate together
  • Process – we don’t audit it often enough
  • Product – there’s so much inefficiency in the way that technology is stacked together
  • Change and its link with inefficiency

Listen in to the episode using one of the links below:

If you enjoyed episode 3, you can binge-listen to more insightful conversations in episode 1 and episode 2.

Happy listening and don’t forget to subscribe!

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