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Transform Your Recruitment Events Strategy with Marketing Automation

12.05.22 | Candidate Engagement, Recruitment Marketing, Talent Acquisition

Candidate.ID’s one of a kind marketing automation technology transforms talent acquisition strategies across the globe. With 3.8 sextillion marketing workflows, each customer uses Candidate.ID diversely to cut down on time to hire and increase the number of hires per recruiter. 

Keep reading to find out how Freedom Mortgage and a leading UK hospitality chain are using Candidate.ID alongside their recruitment events strategy to build engaged pipelines of in-demand talent. 

Freedom Mortgage 

The Obstacles 

Operating since 1990, Freedom Mortgage is a top US mortgage lender. Like a lot of businesses today, Freedom Mortgage faces a myriad of obstacles in recruiting top talent,  with many of its vacancies being highly specialised. Additionally, Freedom Mortgage is looking to attract a new generation of talent, with challenges in recruiting younger candidates in the early stages of their career. Together with Candidate.ID, Freedom Mortgage plans to target the early careers market with a series of University events across four key locations in the US.

The Campaign 

So, how is Freedom Mortgage planning to use the platform? First off, Freedom Mortgage plans to use Candidate.ID’s form builder to create a number of signup and attendance forms for both virtual and in-person events across the four locations of the U.S. After a candidate enters their details into the form they will then be entered into a candidate automation journey, which goes as follows- 

  1. Candidate receives an email including a landing page form to confirm ‘yes’ or’ no’ to whether they are attending the event. 
  2. Candidate receives SMS reminders the day before the event. 
  3. At attendance of the event, candidates will be tagged as ‘attended’ triggering an email asking them to fill out more details about their interests, alongside their CV. 
  4. An automated email will then be sent to the recruiter with their talent pipeline of candidates allowing them to screen, interview and hire.  
  5. Candidates will be moved into an email nurture journey receiving meaningful communications related to their industry. 

Tracking and Scoring 

This automated workflow journey may sound simple, and it is. But, what we haven’t mentioned is the real benefit of Candidate.ID – tracking and scoring. Using trackable links, every single action a candidate makes throughout this journey is tracked and given what we call an “engagement score”. Whether it’s opening a text or entering details into a form, each action is scored. The overall engagement score is then used to discover which candidates are cold, warm and “hire-ready”. Marketing automation allows Freedom Mortgage the ability to- 

  • Filter pipeline by engagement so they know exactly which candidates are interested, and what messaging is working.
  • Track email and SMS opens, so recruiters are able to predict which candidates will attend prior to an event. 
  • Automate an entire journey of communications, nurturing candidates and achieving true personalisation, at scale. 

Leading UK Hospitality Chain 

The Obstacles

Candidate.ID has been working with a leading Uk hospitality chain (who wish to remain anonymous) to double the number of hires per recruiter and cut down on time to hire. Our customer has been facing obstacles in filling vacancies such as chef roles, team members and general managers. With the competitive nature of the current job market, our customer is using the Candidate.ID platform alongside their recruitment events strategy to host a number of high volume recruitment events across a major UK city. The campaign aims to drive recruitment activities whilst improving employer reputation within their target demographic.   

The Campaign

Using their current database, this customer is using Candidate.ID to promote their events strategy with a number of methods, including an automated email journey, landing pages and a series of forms. Within the automated email journey, candidates are invited along to a number of recruitment events. Using Candidate.ID, candidates are then asked to fill out a form with their details leading candidates into several different categories depending on the form answers. These categories define how fast each candidate goes through the recruitment process. 

The Results 

Using marketing automation, our customer has the ability to track and score candidates throughout their recruitment events strategy. By tracking content engagement, email opens and event attendance, our customer is able to discover which candidates are cold, warm and “hire-ready”, as well as predict which candidates will attend each event. Using Candidate.ID, event attendance increased from 30% to 70% for our customer and recruitment activities have increased significantly. 

Marketing Automation for Events Recruitment

Candidate.ID’s one of a kind marketing automation technology transforms events recruitment strategies, helping our customers to track and engage their candidates. And, with our brand new events form coming to the platform, the use cases for events recruitment with marketing automation are multiplying by the day. 

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