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Using Candidate.ID Lead Alerts to Generate Much More Diversity in Your Talent Pipelines

12.07.21 | Diversity & Inclusion

It’s well proven that a more diverse organisation is more profitable and happier. I think almost everyone in recruitment knows that now.

I’ve been in a lot of roundtables and events in 2021 where people are discussing ways to make hiring more inclusive and making your teams more diverse and I’m not hearing that many new and exciting ways to do things, but valid examples include:

  • Prioritise diversity at leadership level and it’s much easier to attract diversity throughout the organisation
  • Make sure your job adverts and recruitment marketing materials are created with thought put in to attracting diverse shortlists (I recommend my friends at Optimal for job ads)
    • One brilliant idea I heard yesterday was to remove ‘desirable’ criteria in job ads
  • Make sure your application and assessment processes are designed with diversity in mind; not just in terms of gender and ethnicity but for neurodiversity also

Candidate.ID Methods for Diverse Talent Pipelines

What few people realise yet though is that with Candidate.ID, you can make a huge impact on the diversity of your hiring using the following methods:

  1. When people sign up to join your talent pipelines within Candidate.ID, invite them to submit diversity-related information (gender, ethnicity and more) and ensure it’s clear that it’s optional
  2. If you already have large talent pipelines within Candidate.ID, send out a message to invite people to submit the same information
  3. Create ‘female engineers’ and ‘black engineers’ networks and similar, according to your company’s diversity objectives
  4. Now ‘roll out the red carpet’ by creating and distributing a regular newsletter for that ‘network’. Information should aim to help them be better in their careers and include both skills, career stories and professional insights rather than ‘sell’ careers at your organisation
  5. One large engineering firm I know uses this approach to invite people to monthly lunchtime meet-ups on online attracting ~20 female engineers each time. These are hosted by a senior hiring manager rather than the TA team and they are now making these fortnightly as demand is increasing. There’s no selling the employer within the meet-ups; it’s purely peer-to-peer education / skills sharing / networking.
  6. Now, using Candidate.ID, what you as a TA team can do, which you can’t do with a recruitment CRM, is track and score each person’s interactions with your employer brand and what that means is, recruiters can receive regular alerts to tell them which ‘female engineers’ as an example to prioritise reaching out to for a career conversation.

Examples of Lead Alerts

  • Trackable links on social media and email signatures – when someone from your diversity networks clicks to look at your company’s LinkedIn page, Glassdoor page etc, a lead alert goes to the relevant recruiter
  • Careers site visits – when someone from your diversity network clicks on to your careers site, a lead alert goes to the relevant recruiter
  • Job adverts – when someone from your diversity network clicks on to your job adverts on job boards, a lead alert goes to the relevant recruiter

There are many other lead alert options besides this, and I hope that sounds like an interesting option for improving diversity.

Download your free copy of our #TalentLeadGen playbook which includes even more examples of lead alerts.

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